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  • Nick

    Is it me or are some of those muzzle breaks on weird?

  • jdun1911

    I feel sorry for them. Carrying .50 Barretts in a parade is not fun.

  • Nick, I didn’t notice it at first but I think you are right. They do not appear to all be at right angles to the bipods.

  • Affe

    I believe in Mexico they’re called “.50 Burritos”

  • Marty

    Remember, this is the Mexican army…

    the weapon is fired with the pistol grip to the right… {:^)

  • nick

    i did not realize the Mexican army was so well equipped, i pictured a couple of people holding antique shotguns…

  • Nick two

    Same guys in each row. Check out the faces.

  • Wicked

    Actually the mexican army has a few good weapons, like the barret, saw, their fx5, and ar plataform, the interesting thing here is they just show the equipement in parades, every year the independence day parade is aired on live television so i doubt it s a fake or a photoshoped picture.
    anyway as anyone hear abot the fx05 in 5.56 cal???
    it was a big bla bla about 2 years ago because hk sue the mexican army and stuff…. where s this rifle now? i have seen mexican armymen carryng HK g-3 and mexican sailors carryng m-16… problems with the rifle??
    i really dunno

  • the mexican army is the best im from russia and we have the best army in the world mexico can o to be the best

  • LoCo

    actualy responding back to what happened in the Fx 05
    there is actually a trial still being held at the world court about the whole design and is liscensing “ripoff” of the G 36
    they are still in many mexican army bases armories but are limited to field use.

  • Beret looks more like Peruvian, who have a taste for blackface, too. Peru also has considerable modern weapons.

    Is there a source on the photo?

  • ariggsd

    Really?!? No one has said anything about the guy in the center with the “What you lookin at?” expression? HAHAHA

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