Palm Pistol

David via. SayUncle reported on a company called Constitution Arms who plan on producing palm pistols.

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The Palm Pistol is an ergonomically innovative single shot double action only defensive firearm chambered in 9mm that may be fired using either hand without regard to orientation of the stock. Suited for home defense, concealed carry or as a backup gun. It is also ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have limited strength or manual dexterity. Using the thumb instead of the index finger for firing, it significantly reduces muzzle drift, one of the principle causes of inaccurate targeting. Point and shoot couldn’t be easier.


I do wonder how useful a single shot 9mm is but they are pretty up front about the disadvantages of their product in the product specification PDF. It will be interesting to see if this goes into production.

This type of palm held squeeze to fire pistols have been around for quite some time. James has a write up about them here.

The “Protector”.

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  • January 03, 2009

    Dear Sir

    We would like to introduce ourselves as leading business organization in Bangladesh, involved in international Trade. We represent good number of well- reputed Manufacturer and Supplier from UK, USA, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore.

    We are pleased to inform you that Bangladesh Police has called an International Tender for following Items:

    1). 9mm Pistol , QTY- 1000Pcs.

    2) Signal Pistol, QTY- 100 Pcs.

    3) Streesor Gun/ Stan Gun QTY- 200Pcs.

    4) 38 MM Gas Gun QTY- 150Pcs.

    5) 9x 19 MM Ammunition , QTY- 100,000rds.

    6) 7.62 x 25 MM Pistol Ammunition, QTY- 4,00,000Pcs.

    7) 7.62 x 39 Blank Cartridge, QTY- 20,000.00rds.

    8) Tear Gas Shell (Long Range and Short Range), QTY- 50,000Pcs.

    9) Tear Gas Grenade , QTY- 500Pcs.

    10) Smoke Grenade , QTY- 1000Pcs.

    11) Rubber Bullet 37/38 MM , QTY- 1000Pcs.

    12) Tear Gas Grenade Launcher , QTY- 100Pcs.

    13) 12 Bore Shot Gun , QTY- 500Pcs.

    14) Sound Grenade / Flash Bang Grenade , QTY- 2000rds.

    15) 7.62 x 54 MM Sniper Riffle Ammunition, QTY- 10, 000rds

    The last date for submission of Tender Documents is February 18, 2009.

    We hope the the above mentioned items is of particular interest to you and
    you will participate in the Tender.

    Please send the entire range of productCatalogues/ Brochures to us.

    Eagerly Looking for your kind reply.

    Best regards

    Managing Director
    228 Green Road Dhaka- 1205

    Tel: 88-02-9111829, 88-02- 9111829

    Fax: 88-02- 9118135

    E-mail :

  • RCG

    Neat gadget, but the first thing our goddamned legislators will probably do is make it illegal to buy, possess, own, transfer or otherwise convey to any person.

  • Why RCG, you sound bitter!

  • RCG

    It comes from living in Connecticut.

  • John Callahan

    cool, but a .45 or maybe .44 special would be better. whats the deal with the first poster there?

  • Sir Loin

    I think I’ll get one for my Mother-In-Law.
    I hope they are willing to trade.

  • By current standards, isn’t that going to be an AOW subject to BATFE registration?

  • Oops! Spoke too soon. ATF says no, it’s just a pistol.

  • William D. Anderson

    I have a firearm and I cannot find ANY information any where about it. I can send photo(s). Can you help me ???