Para Ordnance TTR AR-15

Snowflakes in Hell (who, long overdue, is now on my blogroll) has photos of the Para Ordnance TTR AR-15. The Tactical Target Rifle features a unique recoil system above the barrel, which significantly reduces recoil and allows for a folding stock.

Rifle 300Clarge

The new Para Tactical Target Rifle with its Direct Impinged Gas System™ (DIGS™) gets you back on target faster than any other rifle of its kind. The recoil spring is over the op-rod so there is no “twang” in your ear as your head rests on the rifle’s stock while the bolt cycles between shots.

Having the recoil system up front over the barrel puts it where it naturally pushes the rifle back down on target instead of up and into your shoulder.

The specs:

Caliber: 5.56 Nato
Barrel: 16.5 inches Chrome Lined
Twist: 1 in 9 inches
Sights: Flip up front sight and fully adjustable flip-up rear sight
Overall Length: Stock Open and Fully Extended – 36 inches
Stock Open and telescoped in – 33 inches
Stock Folded – 26.25 inches
Weight: 7.6 pounds
Additional Features: Field strips with no tools
Multiple sling mount points
MSRP: $2,297

The rifle will go on sale in 2008. Next year conversion kits will be offered to install a TTR recoil system on a standard AR.

Sebastian’s photos are here. More info @ Para.


Roughedge pointed out in the comments that this rifle is a Yankee Hill / ZW Weapons LR300 AXL rifle. It looks like it is either a clone or, more likely, Para has licensed it. YH/ZM are not selling them now. When they were sold they cost $2139.

Here are some photos from ZM and GunBroker (NXL model). Click to expand.

Picture 1-10



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  • Kyle Huff


  • Kyle Huff, thanks

  • That’s a ZM weapon systems rifle. Yankee Hill Machine was selling them for a number of years.

    Now YHM is NOT selling them, so i guess they either where not manufacturing them in the first place and where just distributing them, or something else happened.

    I wonder if they price is going to go up?

  • Thanks for the info Roughedge. It looks identical.

  • They wont sell a whole lot of them if they keep the price that high. I would consider one in the $1500-1600 range, but for $2200, i can get 3 or 4 different custom built AR’s in different calibers.

    • Seriously…3-4 custom built ar’s for $2200 bucks? 3 custom guns, that breaks down to $733 a pop, 4 custom guns you are at $550 a pop, 3 1/2 guns you are at $629 a pop.

      What are you using to build your guns? The cheapest lower, complete lower I have seen, for what I would consider quality, is spikes tactical with nothing fancy, just a nice lower that mates very well with any upper and that will run $240.00 at the lowest I have seen them. Standard adjustable stock, creepy 2 stage, nice lower receiver.

      To make it “custom”, I take out the garbage 2 stage, install a Timney ($185.00 the cheapest I find), and at least a MagPul CTR ($60.00), now with just the lower, a bit more “custom” you are up to $485.00. So, my big question is, where do you find an upper, bolt and carrier, not to mention sights of some sort (I wouldn’t consider a Simmons scope “custom”) for either $65.00 if you are building 4 custom guns, $248.00 for 3 custom guns, or $144.00 for 3.5 custom guns?

      The absolute cheapest “custom” AR I have ever put together was using a Spikes Tactical Multi Cal lower (nothing different than a 5.56/.223 lower, just says “multi cal” instead of stamped for a specific caliber), Timney skeleton (just because it looks better than a solid trigger), Magpul CTR stock, YHM free float handguard, YHM diamond flute barrel (for heat reduction), YHM flash guard….YHM upper and bolt, all for $870.00. That is a “custom” rifle of sorts, in my humble opinion. Did I mention this was without any sights or scope? Now that Magpul is making flip up sights they are a lot cheaper than lets say a set of Troy Industries, which I like to use simply because they are solid and hard to break.

      If you can build a better product, I will be HAPPY to send you $2200 bucks to build me 3 custom AR’s. I won’t even ask for 4, if you can build me 3 rifles for that cash, that are actually made of quality, solid parts from companies that are reputable, you sir, have my business, and a bunch of other people in the event you can back up your comments.

      Sorry for sounding harsh, I just think your comments are slightly…far from the truth. Para did a very good job building their first AR, folding stock on that gun is the best I have ever seen for any folding stock, heavy yes, but solid and great quality. Not to mention their piston system is very good, not a direct gas system on my “custom” rifle I built. You cannot build 2 rifles for the price of a Para out of the box.

      I know this originally was posted 3 years or so ago, and now you can purchase a Para for around $1400.00, which is much better than the original price they were asking for them.

      It is a solid gun. If it doesn’t work properly, send the stuff back to Para and they will fix it and make it word as a gun should, for this kind of money.

      3-4 “custom” ARs that are worth a darn for $2200 bucks…holy pooh batman, that is a joke. No way. Not one of them would even come close to comparing to ONE Para for what the Para has to offer.

      Seriously, if you can do it, send me an email… I would love to see what you can put together for, lets just say $700.00, a reliable, decent parts, shoots 1 MOA or better, AR. I will buy them. I would buy 3. Buying stuff out of Shotgun News doesn’t compare. You can buy kits and uppers, I know, but they won’t come close to the Para.

  • I have one of them. It’s a Z-M Weapons LR300 NXL. Aldo Zitta invented it about 20 years ago and YHM was manufacturing them. I bought the upper only.

    Aldo sold the manufacturing equipment to Para and now they are making them with the new marketing spin.

    The rifle is nice and with a muzzle break the barrel does not move between shots. The design keeps the bolt a little cleaner too.

    The pricey part is the folding butt stock. That alone is about $350.00. The upper part that I purchased was around $1400.00 with BUIS. That’s about the price range of a higher end Noveske. I have a skeleton stock for it since there is no buffer needed.

  • Here’s a picture of mine:

    You can add this to my previous comment.

  • Here’s a video of me shooting the LR300 NXL

  • Hi Olav,

    Thanks very much for the photo and link to your blog post.

  • Andy

    “The recoil spring is over the op-rod so there is no “twang” in your ear as your head rests on the rifle’s stock while the bolt cycles between shots.”

    I would miss that sound. 😉

  • Whatever

    Someone disassembling then reassembling their LR300.

    One thing about the design is that it wouldn’t be possible to use a full-auto lower receiver and have it fire on full-auto due to the chopped bolt carrier. Not that it would be a negative to the casual plinker.

    The thing that would worry me about this design is that little part which connects the recoil spring to the bolt carrier (in the video the person doing the narration called it a C-clamp). It’s likely to get lost and if that little part isn’t installed properly or works itself lose, bad things are probably going to happen.

  • harry

    barrel a bit long . worried about accuracey

  • Lee

    This is a disappointing PARA TTR upper receiver. I have one of these. I’m so furious I could break it into pieces. It jams, miss fire, hangs, missfeed, scratch and dent to the brass, you name it.

  • Don

    I am having the same problems as Lee. Cannot get thru a 10 round clip w/o a jam, extraction failure, dented ammo, etc.

    Sent the upper back to Para: 5 to 8 weeks to diagnose. Plus God knows how long to repair.

    Mike at Para customer service won’t return phone calls or e mails.

    My advise is STAY AWAY.

    Oh by the way…with 55 grain ammo, the kick is only reduced from an AR-15 by 20%…..our guess.

    The Weapons Mag’s got this totally wrong.

  • Joe

    Hi Don,

    What was your outcome with Para?

  • I will apologize in advance if my comments offended anyone, but that is my view on building 3-4 custom AR’s in different calibers for $2200. It seems to me every time you look at different calibers, they cost more money than the standard .223/5.56.

    For comparison, I purchased a 6.8spc upper made by LMT, what a beautiful upper. Free floated, one solid piece upper/handguard (stiff as stiff can be, solid as all get out, just the best made upper in my humble opinion) and that set up with a bolt/carrier was $1200.00. That was just the upper/bolt/carrier, nothing more. I bought the good ol’ stand by Spikes Tactical Multi Cal Lower, that ran me $240.00. I then purchased the Magpul CTR for $60.00, and a Timney skeleton trigger, I think they are the BEST triggers for an AR that is on the market, that ran me $220.00. Then I put on a Leupold 1.5 x 5 power 20mm scope I picked up on sale for $250.00 because it didn’t have the correct box and no it does not have the illuminated reticle. I put that in a DMZ one piece base (for the money, you seriously cannot go wrong when you compare them to a $200 billet job by lets say GGG or insert another company) that cost me a whopping $50.00.

    My CUSTOM 6.8 SPC rifle cost me…$2020 bucks. This is still a direct gas system, not a piston driven gun, so I have to clean it oh, after a good 1000 rounds, but the thing doesn’t and has never jammed on me one time. This, in my opinion, is as close to a “custom” build you can do, that would compare to lets say Para’s TTR for around the same price, but as I had mentioned, I have seen them on for $1400.00 (Para TTR).

    There you have it. My 6.8SPC is a beautiful gun, a serious tack driver, when I first dialed it in on my 100 yard range (I live in the country in Wyoming so I have my own place to have fun :)- ) I shot a 10 shot group with hornaday 55 gr sst bullets and shot 1.1 inch group with all 10 shots. When I really focused and took a bit of time, I punch out 5 shot groups that will be within a 25 cent piece. When I shoot 3 shots with hand loads with the same Hornaday bullet, I can nail a dime with all 3 shots at 100 yards. That to me is a custom, solid gun.

    Not to mention, for the money, Spikes Tactical makes the absolute best lowers for the money and reliability. They are beauful, very well made lowers. you cannot beat the fit/finish on them, they look very good, and mate up tight as a drum with any upper I have or have had.

    My best 5.56 upper has a YHM Diamond fluted barrel and YHM Diamond hand guard (free float), YHM Phantom flash hider, Black Rain CNC billet upper, DPMS chrome bolt/carrier and a Black Rain extended charging handle. That is also mated to a Spikes Tactical Lower.

    I cannot say enough good things for the Spikes Tactical lowers, complete or not, all of them fit so tight with my uppers I cannot believe the manufacturing they do. Tolerances are very very tight and it shows when you use them with any upper. Much better quality than a Rock River, DPMS, Bushmaster, or comparable company, and more important they are cheaper than any other manufacturer’s lowers I have seen yet.

    Yes, I like the AR platform. I apologize again if I offended a poster from 3 years ago, but someone that says they can build 3-4 custom AR’s for the same price as a Para TTR are simply and positively incorrect beyond belief, unless they are a dealer, hold an FFL to purchase stuff and cost, or work for a company that builds AR’s that isn’t named Para!

    If you boot me as in I can’t post anymore, I really don’t care. I doubt I would be on this place again anyway…seeing how I am responding to someone that posted 3-4 years ago about the Para.

    Those are good guns.