Bushmaster 338 Lapua

John Snow has the latest:

This gorgeous beast won’t be ready for some months yet according to Skip Patel, Bushmaster’s executive vice president for research and development. Among other thing, Skip told me, was the need to trim some weight from the rifle, which tips the scales at about 15 pound right now.

Not surprising since Bushmaster acquired Cobb Mfg. last year but still cool.

Cobb MCR 400 .338 Lapua. Photo from SecArms.

John also says that a .416 Rigby may be on the way!

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  • drool . . . I remember when I bought my Glock 17 they had a Cobb chambered in .30-06 that took BAR magazines. It was supposedly some collector’s piece as it had a certificate and claimed only 2,000 were made. I hope they start mass manufacturing these rifles. I may pick one up sometime.

  • Ralph Jones

    What is one of those beauties gonna’ cost?

  • Very cool! Any updates for this one?

  • Heath, no – but I can find out.

  • Glen C

    …whatever happened to…

  • Paul garza

    I leave in McAllen tx . Who sells your a r’s here.