The Deresonator

I came across this post at RFC by “_Shorty” showing photos of his Limbsaver Barrel De-resonator. It is a rubber thing that slips onto a rifle barrel that, in theory, dampens the muzzle vibration improving accuracy.

When I looked at the photo I though it must be a joke. I mean look at it … remind you of anything?

Picture 2-9
Deresonator on CZ 453 Varmint

It’s not a joke, they sell it. Maybe it is just me, but I could never put something like that on the end of my rifle.

Steve Johnson

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  • Kurt

    MadOgre did a review of this a while back, and found that it really works very well (it’s probably a little too close to the muzzle in your photo, but it depends on the rifle – experimentation is required). If improved accuracy is important (say, if you’re a varmint hunter), and you want to improve a not-so-accurate bolt-action rifle without spending much money, it would seem like a good option. LimbSaver makes a lot of outstanding, imaginative products based on their vibration-reduction material (recoil pads, quiet hunting bows, etc.). Definitely not a joke!

  • Hi Kurt, thanks for your thoughts. I am a big fan of the limbsaver recoil pads!

  • akef38

    Hey guys, talking about de- resonators they do actually work !!! . The only problem with this pic is that its fitted wrong !!!!. The de-resonator should be 2″ before the end of the barrel or 2″ before the end of the stock.Once it is adapted to the rifle, you can move it around with a small movement at a time until you find the correct balance for your rifle.
    you will be surprised :-}

  • Yes, they work. I have used one on a 7400 and it has much improved, esp after “floating” the barrel (pillar bed under the gas block and filed down the forestock) I had to put mine way toward the back next to the stock.

    I recommend you remove the front sites and strip the oil off the barrel. Mount the thing using a dulled old flat screwdriver or something similiar in shape. Use rubbing alcohol like you would to put on bicycle grips on handlebars. If you get it too oily it may move, but mine fit very tight. Then you can oil your barrel and replace the sites. You can move it as needed by just wiping the barrel dry and dust free and sliding the thing by hand (add some alcohol under it and twist while pushing/pulling). It will stay put.

  • Ben

    This device works very well. I put one on my Browning ShortTrac in 308 Winchester and my groups went down consistently to 1 moa at 100 yards. I strongly suggest using one if you shoot an autoloader; I haven’t yet determined if it would make a major difference if it is mounted on one of my bolt action Ruger M-77s. They already shoot sub moa but any improvement in the field is welcomed.