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  • When I was taught to use the SA80/L85 with a bayonet we used the pistol grip to hold the weapon. We then generally tucked it in tight under our elbow to ensure that we had a really tight hold on the weapon and could deliver enough force on the target when we struck.

    Those Chinese soldiers are going to be in a bit of trouble if they need to take a shot when they’re holding their weapons like that.

  • They don’t quite have the reach of a traditional rifle, do they?

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

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  • Oh I don’t know, us Brits seem to be doing okay….

    “OUTNUMBERED British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army’s first bayonet charge since the Falklands War 22 years ago.”

  • Interesting Jay, thanks for your comments. Do you think the British technique is effective?

  • The L85 obviously doesn’t give you a lot of length to work with but we’re talking about a bayonet- the idea really is to thrust it into the target; and having run through the training you can deliver a good hefty blow.

    It’s long enough to work with- striking targets lying on the ground for instance is no problem at all.

    The only real disadvantage is if you’re going to end up engaged in bayonet combat with someone who has a much longer rifle than you- and that’s a price I’m willing to pay in return for the L85’s long barrel/compact package.

  • herro prease

    What bayonet are they using? Is it the american m9 bayonet or is that some sort of locally made bayonet?