Gun washing machine

This is what I want for Christmas 😀

F636HT Heavy Duty Long Gun & Handgun System

This combination of features gives you an extremely active tank that has no dead or hot spots resulting in maximum cleaning capability for heavy duty use. This technology allows the user to clean and lubricate the field-stripped only firearms rapdily without using hazardous solvents or oils. Night sights, rubber grips and plastic frames are not affected by the process.

Gun capacity: [referring to the F636HT Heavy Duty Long Gun & Handgun System pictured above] Long gun system will fit up to 10 handguns or 4 long gun parts up to 35.5″ long. Great system for the gunshop gunsmiths or shooting ranges, law enforcement agencies and U.S. Armed Forces. Will clean/lube everything from derringers to belt fed MG’s.

Features: Enough adjustable heat for parkerizing & some bluing, extended rear flange for rack or lube pan, adjustable power and is ported for optional filtration system! Has two weapon racks and lube pan rack drip holder. Optional rolling stand and multi tank set ups available. Optional half-sized accessories allow simultaneous cleaning and lubrication for smaller parts.

And the cost …. $7100. For that price they should be able to handle wood as well!

More info here.

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  • george

    Some details on how this actually works would be nice. Is this a big ultrasonic cleaner?