The youngest M16 in existence

GunsAmerica has the 7th production M16 listed for sale. It is listed for $295,000!

Picture 11-14

Without a doubt the most famous and most documented Armalite/Colt M16 in existence, serial no 106 manufactured in 1959 (the 7th production gun) and of course the earliest known gun to exist. Yes, this is the gun that Gen Curtis LeMay shot the coconuts and melons with at the cocktail party and then turned to the Cooper-McDonald rep and said,”I want 10,000 of them and I want them yesterday!”. It is said this gun was also shot by Pres Kennedy (off the Presidential Yacht), Batista, MacNamarra, Diem, and a host of other important people. Traveling to Viet Nam twice, its history is part of America’s History, and I feel there is no other gun in existence as important as this firearm – at least as far as 20th century military firearms are concerned.

The original black rifle was not all that black!

Steve Johnson

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  • Daniel E. Watters

    FWIW: Reed Knight (KAC) has earlier AR-15 than this in his personal collection, including the original prototype.

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  • My IDF issue M16A1 isn’t that old, but I’d like to look up the serial number and see when it was manufactured.

    Does anyone know where I can find a Colt M16 serial number lookup online?

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  • I don’t think they will make that information public. Governments will probably not want serial number information public, if a gun got in the wrong hands it could be very embarrassing!

    But I could be wrong. I would be very interested if this data was available!

  • As someone on a forum pointed out this is not the youngest, but the oldest :d A pretty big mistake!

  • tg

    While working in the DS shop I had one fome in from an Air Guard unit that was marked ” XM-15 Armilite Division of Fairchild Aircraft Co. All chrome bolt/carrier and the little triagular charging handle. Serial # was three digit. They also brought in a Colt CGL and a trench gun version of a model #25 Winchester. This was in the mid eighties.

  • Ednonymous

    … um… you mean oldest, not youngest.

  • Fred Hayes

    would like to know if anyone knows about a M16A1with no Ser# I’ve seen 1 and would like to know more about it. it was a HYDRA-MATIC DIV. G.M. CORP. U.S.A. M16A1

  • The gun is selling for $295,000, that is a steep price, the history that is associated with it is not that too significant. I am sure some factory hand fired the gun first.

  • Sam Pinkham

    I too need some info for M16A1 with no serial number showing. Can someone help with info?

  • The name M16, almost everybody knows it. Well having a 7th production of it is great. Another strong gun to use, is this M16 for sale to every one? Almost $300 i think it’s very expensive.