Iran clones Israeli cornershot

Iran is one of those countries who are not happy when they are not copying weapons designed by other countries. The irony is that they have copied an Israeli weapon.

These grainy photos were taken from a video (see below).

Picture 8-13

Picture 9-14

Picture 10-10

Picture 11-13

There are a few parts that look different to the CornerShot such as the bottom of the front and the hinge. A lot of it looks the same. Compare with the original:

 Weapons Small Arms Corner Shot P3080127

More Photos of the original at

This youtube video is very bad quality. The original, in WMV format, is here.

The chinese also developed a corner shot type weapon, the HD66, but it looks very different to the Israeli and Iranian weapon. It is really a QSZ92 pistol mounted on the end of a submachine gun.


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  • Shoaib

    Check this out this is the Pakistani cornershot, it even has a grenade launcher attachment

  • Thanks Shoaib, I have posted a article about it.

  • shahzad

    Hi All

    You know the Pakistani gun is a different thing from iranian and all other versions. Its a Fulltime Technology instead of sight reflector type of things.
    Welldone Pakistani experts.
    Really a Good Job

  • Aramis

    but Israeli copy the system from the German , the Nazis like so many others things Israel copy from Nazis… , develop it yes. Still copy past