DPMS Panther LR-338

DPMS/Panther introduced this big game AR this year. Chambered in .338 Federal it packs quite a punch.

With the LR-308’s growing popularity among hunters and competitive shooters, DPMS opened the LR Series up into several other popular calibers to increase versatility.

The LR-338L was designed with one thing in mind…


The main focus of the rifle is lightweight, fast handling, and single round precision. The 18″ lightweight barrel with custom compensator, carbon fiber hand-guard, skeletonized stock, and lightweight upper receiver, allows this rifle to weigh in under 8 lbs.

The new .338 Federal is a cartridge that provides the energy of a 7mm Remington Mag in a necked-up .308 case. It’s the ultimate big game caliber with 200fps more velocity than a standard .308 round.

The LR-338L is the large game hunting rifle.

It sells for about $1500, depending on how you customize it.


Barrel: 18″ Fluted Barrel. 6 grooves, right-hand 1×9 twist, button rifled.
Weight: 7.9 lbs.
Sights: None
Magazine capacity: 19


I wrote a post last year about Orange County Sheriff’s Office has purchasing 14 Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf AR-15 rifles so that they would be equipped to deal with big game escaping from theme parks. A rifle in this caliber would be more appropriate to take on marauding elephants and provide much longer range.

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