An interesting device. Although I cannot see why officers would want it. More likely to get them into trouble, than exonerate them I would think.

PistolCam®, with it’s patented AUTO-ON technology records 60 minutes of video documentation. Using MPEG4 imaging technology, PistolCam ? automatically records 60 minutes of DVD quality video with sound when an officer’s handgun is removed from the holster. PistolCam?is integrated with an Ultra-High Intensity Tactical Illuminator and Targeting Laser.

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  • I wonder if you can use that to help improve your shot placement at the gun range?

  • Hi Jennersen, It does not have a screen to review the video and you cannot see your sight picture in the video, so I don’t think it could help improve shot placement. What do you think?

  • henke

    i wounder what this camera can cost?
    it doesn’t sound cheep to me