Tiny guns

This site showcases some very small firearms.

 Curios-Et-Antiquites Cadenas-Alarme-Cal-38-Will-And-Finck--06
.38 caliber, the brass padlock alarm gun

Picture 7-9
.22 rimfire pipe gun

This one is truly bizarre! I guess it is some sort of ‘self defense hook’! I don’t know the caliber or how it was supposed to work. LibertyNews and bigfoot explain how it works in the comments below.

Picture 8-12

More here.

Hat Tip: Xavier Thoughts

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  • That last one looks like a heavy-duty fish hook. I’ll bet its purpose is to kill the fish when the hook is set. Notice there is what looks like a trigger in the ring at the top of the hook and a hole at the bend.

  • bigfoot

    The fish hook “gun”…that one was interesting. It appears to be a real fishing hook–you’ll notice it has barbs like a real fishing hook. Whether it was designed with any real practical application or just to become curiosa was never quite figured out. You can see the actual “trigger” in the eye of the fishhook. Imagine the hook dangling down like a real fish hook. The gun was designed to shoot anything that pulled on the hook. If someone were to pull downward on the hook, it would pull the trigger. The bullet then travelled down the length of the hook and exited at the hook’s elbow (if you look at the far right you’ll see a little notch in the elbow–that was the barrel opening.)

  • Ah! Thanks LibertyNews and bigfoot!

  • bigfoot

    That was one of a lot of interesting things in the Pistner sale. BTW like I said in the hat tip blog link, this item and everything photographed against the pale blue background was in the Stephen L. Pistner sale at Greg Martin Auctions, February ’07.

    That was a fun one, we called it “The Pirate Auction.” There was a peg leg gun in it, and when it came up for auction our bank of temp worker phone bidders gave a collective “Arrrrr!”

  • haha! A peg leg gun …. I guess nowsdays they put mp3 players into everything, some time ago it was guns 🙂

    hmmm …. Fish Hook mp3 player …. you heard it here first!

  • komrad

    The smallest commercially available firearm was chambered in 2.7mm. It generated 3 foot pounds at the muzzle and had no rifling. A .22 produces at least 100 foot pounds of force. Not surprisingly it didn’t sell well. I even saw one at a gun show in DuPage county Illinois. The damn bullets were smaller than airgun pellets.