US Military buys more M9 pistols

According the Guns Magazine the US Army and Navy have purchased 10,576 M9 pistols (I do wonder how they come up with these exact numbers).

Beretta USA received purchase orders from the US Army and US Navy for a total of 10,576 M9 pistols (5,969 for the Army, 4,607 for the Navy). The purchase orders were issued against a multi-year contract between Beretta and the US Army, which serves as executive purchasing agent of the M9 pistol for all branches of the US Armed Forces.


So the M9 is not going anywhere in the near future.

“The Beretta M9 pistol remains the most reliable and well-tested handgun in the US military inventory, with tests resulting in an average of only one malfunction every 20,500 rounds fired.”

Apart from the special forces it is the only pistol, isn’t it?

According to wikipedia the last big order was in 2006 for 70,000 pistols.

Steve Johnson

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  • Rus

    The SIG P228 ( aka M11 ) is used by USA / USAF CID units and NCIS. Hardly standard issue, but the M9 isn’t the only 9mm in US inventory.

  • Naval Air guys also cary the Sig. Also it seems Homeland security is ordering the Sigs for the Coast Guard and other units rather the M9. Also NCIS is steping up in caliber. Their new guns are .40S&w’s….

  • mazin mohammad saleh

    iwant to if beretta fs92 can be equiprd with surefire p115c

  • Josh j

    marines do or at least did recently still use modified 1911s, the MEU “SOC.”
    the wiki is here
    if the army still has such a hard on for the m9 they will keep it look at the ar.
    they don’t care what the guys using them think only what they think.

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