Silencer Shootout

Silencer Research has posted an impressive comparison of 19 different .22lr suppressors.


These tests were conducted on January 5, 2008 using 19 silencers from various manufacturers around the country. Some of the best silencers in the world were measured in this test. The test was fired using the Walther P22 pistol and a bolt action rifle manufactured in Russia call the Tula Toz 78. This is the preliminary release of this data and more individual reviews will become available as time permits.

Unfortunately, they require you to register (for free) to view the info and the videos are normal windows video files, not hosted on youtube type sites. They really need to get into this blogging ‘thing’.

What is interesting is that the second best suppressor, with regards to noise reduction, costs $295.00 while the worst costs $595.00! I have always said I do not trust these ‘high tech’ expensive suppressors.

Steve Johnson

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  • Why the difference in prices? Thats quite a range. Of course you didn’t mention what it costs to build one yourself…

  • I really don’t understand the differences in prices. I assume there is some ‘magic’ ingredient in the expensive suppressors. I think its all marketing.

    Some are more expensive to make than other, aluminum vs. stainless, closed construction vs. suppressors that can be taken apart. But a suppressors is nothing more than a small car muffler bolted onto a firearm.

    Sure some have undergone a lot of testing in order to alter the sound signature, but that is of more relevance to special forces rather than hunters and civilians, and probably no benefit to regularly military forces ***

    Others apparently do some fancy things with the gas as it exists the muzzle, but I don’t think this would apply to low powered rifles.

    As far as construction goes, I will be writing a big post on how suppressors work, and how they are constructed.

    *** I have heard of these suppressors that alter the sound signature so a gun shot sounds like something else, such as a car door slamming, but have not come across one myself.