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  • C Sellens

    Stay away from Kahr products, read the warranty before you decide to buy anything from them. They do not stand behind their products! Buy a new Kahr CW45, you have to pay to return it to the factory for warranty repair work.

  • jo

    i just bought kahr 45 cw, went to the range and shoot 100 rounds.
    Flawles, no jam, no problem.
    15 feet, very nice gun.
    i still have to make sure i squise the trigger gently, but the gun is real cool.
    next week once i buy some more ammo( very expensive) i will try to shoot some more.
    I know some people may had some jamming problem, but it looks like so fur i have no problem.
    Recoil is not bad at all. Is not like my xd subcompact, but did not bothered me

  • Mark Brown

    Just purchased a CW .45 Kahr. The slide stop spring is too short. Te slide stop comes out when I shoot the gun. I called Kahr and they told me they will send me a new one. I don’t understand why I should have a problem with a new gun. I hope this will be corrected.

  • Paul S.

    I bought the CW Kahr 45. I was very impressed with the slim width and ability to conceal it. I shot 50 rounds at a 15 yd KD range. I didn’t have a problem with it’s accuracy. I had a big problem with it’s design in regards to the grip. It feels awesome in my hand. It’s slim design allows me to easily grab it firmly. After about 10 shots the web of my shooting hand was sore. After 50 rounds I was wondering how the heck KAHR missed that problem when designing it. The grip on the fingers are great. The sharp contour in the web of the hand area is a killer. I need to be more diligent researching my weapons. It would probably be fine in a 32,380,9mm, but not the big boys.

  • D VITT

    I don’t know what happened with Mr. Sellens Kahr 45,but I have a Kahr CW9 that is almost 4 years old.I was target shooting with it using reloads.One shot was a hot one and it blew the ejector out of the gun.I called the dealer that I bought it from and he called Kahr and told them what happend. The dealer called me back and told me to bring the gun back that Kahr was sending a new ejector and Kahr would pay him to fix the gun at no charge to me.This happend late in the spring of 2011.I guess you could say this is standing behind your products .I also have a Kahr CW45 and I love both guns,very easy to conseal.