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The Blue Book of Gun Values is the definitive source of gun values. It is immensely useful if you are buying or selling used firearms.

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If you do not do a lot of buying or selling, and do not want to purchase a US$30 book every year, then the Blue Book of Gun Values online database may be very useful.

A lot of the Blue book content is available for free. The modern/popular manufacturer, such as Marlin and Ruger, information costs $10.

The database is available here.

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  • Roger B.

    Maybe you can help me. I have a pistol that I want to sell and I cannot find the price or value of it. Don’t know the year but it’s a 6 inch stainless .44 magnum Ruger Redhawk. All I keep finding is super redhawk and model 29’s. Can you give me an idea of what it’s worth?

  • You could purchase the ruger blue book information from the above website.

    Otherwise, to see what people are paying for guns, do a search on gunbroker.

    I found a .44 redhawk:

  • Brian Bonebrake

    how much is a damascus double barrel henri pieper hammer model of 1881, patent #23, labeled 690-t worth. It is in good condition(NRA rating).

  • barbara simms

    I would like to know the value of a Winchester single barrel lever action 12 gadge goose gun. inscription on barrel reads-model 12-12 CA. for super speed & super x 3in full.. in small print this gun reads made in new haven conn. then has several pat.#s with the 1st date july 21,1896 and last date july, 22 1913. Can you tell me anything? It’s in very good condition.

  • barbara simms

    sorry don’t know mush about these thing but I believe you call my gun a pump action sry

  • Lorraine

    I’m trying to find the price for a 243 remington pump rifle

  • Herb Fields

    Looking for value of new Winchester Breakdown 405 lever action rifle

  • debbie j

    I need to know thw values of the following: 1. a Browning automatic light twelve shotgun (1G 33397 I have no idea whether these #s are the serial #s or not) patent #3166865 w/ deluxe poly choke 2.Ranger pat. apr.20-1915 3.Marlin original golden .22 cal. S.L. & L.R. – micro groove barrel w/Marlin 4×32 model 425 A sight serial # 25213868 4.Remington .22 L.R. only serial# 2142502 5.Pardner model SB1 12 ga. 3″mod serial#NA133321

  • Scott B

    I am looking for the value of a Webley mark V that was left to me recently.The***The gun is in good shape with a bright bore,no rust or pitting,and has not been rechambered.

  • gerry summers

    Im looking to get a value for a BURGESS 12ga.pump shotgun .It is a take down model.It was made around the mid 1890’s. the gun is in very good condition.

  • Tena Sorensen

    I would like to know the value of a M1911 A1 Colt 45. Condition is good. Model number not known at this time, but I can obtain it if needed.

  • Randy


    I am trying to find out the value of a used Keltec 9mm.


  • I have a P.38 German made luger pistol with two clips and a leather holster. According to the marks on it, it was manufactured in Berlin in 1943 by Spreewerke. How can I find out it’s value?

  • Allan

    I like to know the value of these guns. Or estimated quess would be useful. Yugoslavian 8mm Mausers, Mosin Nagant Russian M38, Mosin Nagant ww11 M44 & M9830, Hungarian Mosin Nagant M44

    • Allan, search and see what they are selling for.

  • dan

    price on a 10 year old Beretta 92 fs 9mm as new in case with 2 clips. perfect other than about 30 rounds fired.??

  • denny

    my wife inherited a berretta gold snipe 12ga. o/u in 95%+ condition. how much might it be worth.\?

  • I have a Sears by Antoino Zoli o/u shotgun mod#28151265. I know Sears
    originally listed it for $899.00. It is in excellent cond. I would like some idea of what it’s worth today. Thanks for any help.

  • I have a Smith & Wesson M&P ejector model of 1899. It is in good con dition and has been in the family for years. Has J.T.T. 1901 on the grip. Appears to be a police model. I would like to know the estimated value.

  • scott couch

    I would like to find an estimated value of a Model 1901 Stephens Center Fire .22 pump with tubular magazine. I do not have one for sale. Just making an inquiry.

  • I would like to know what a 357 smith and weson 6 inch, 6 shoot revoler model 586 is woth?

  • bill

    what the value of a browning gold hunter 20 gauge

  • Dale Crowe

    I wish to find the value of a Remington 7400 30.06 Anniversary Edition (1991)
    The gun is graded as excellent, No stock blemishes and blueing perfect. Any help in price would be appreciated.

    Dale Crowe

  • matt p

    i have bsa martini 22lr would like rough price thanks

  • Please give the value of a Gen3 45caliber Glock30 pistol with night sights.

  • Elvin

    I have a Winchester rifle model 38-55 (Oliver F. Winchester Commerative)
    which has never been fired. This gun was bought by me in December, 1980. Could you possibly give me a fair market selling price?


  • Carmen

    I have a 1864 Remington Ilion N.V.U.S.A. Serial # 17001368. I’d like to know fair market price please. Thanks.

  • sonny smitherman

    i would like to know what a tikka t-3 lite 308 cal. with a bushnell 3200 elite 10 x 50 scope is worth.

  • clint mccoy

    hii have a ducks unlimited over under 12 ga.. it says budweiser salutes ducks unlimited on the stock. on the barrel it says silver II made in italy on the right side. the left side of the barrel says american arms inc. n.k.c.-mo made in italy. serial A70521. i would like to know who the actual manufacturer of the gun is and if possible the estimated value. thank you

  • Rosendo

    Good day,

    My family has a Browning Brevete SGDG NF or FN Model 1900 with two clips Original bullets

    We wanted to know the value.

    Thank you,


  • Felipe O.

    Yes I’d like to know what a SP22 M2 Smith&Wesson 22 L.R. walther, worth used?

  • Scott

    Looking for the value of my broning high power 9MM 1979 very good condition

  • ryan L.

    trying to find out how much a marlin model 917m2 is valued at used before i buy one?

  • What would be a fair price for a Kahr PM 45. The gus is used and being sold on commision at a gun shop, has original box, 3 magazines, and manual?

  • Mossberg 12 Ga. 500ATP88 2 3/4 or 3″, 20″ barrel, pump, sling rings, very nice wood – excellent condition. Would like to know the value. Please and Thanks

  • Rodney Shultz

    I have a Ruger New Model .45 caliber blackhawk ser#46-69405 in mint condition. Would like to know the resale value.

  • LeeLee

    I have an browning sweet sixteen that my grandfather left to me…Im trying to find out the year it was manufactured…the serial number is 1S (which is above) 71573….Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • amy

    I can not find any info on my grandpa’s single shot shot gun. This is all I know: Red Head Brand, Chic ( picture of a duck) go, #105358, excel 53703. Any info would be appreciated, value? Thank’s Amy

  • Dave Hennessey

    I would like to know the price or value of A NIB SLR-95/ AK-47 semi, with 5rd mag and 3- 30 rd mags. Thank you. Dave

  • came in contact with a winchester, 1885 low wall, 22 short, with peep site. the rifle looks like it is new, the metal has some dings in it but the color is like it is new, i mean shiny blue, serial number is in the low one hundred thousands, wood is in good condition both peices the same , look’s like a musket, the workings are like just out of the factory. can you give me an idea of the worth of this rifle? i am thinking about buyingit. thank you.

  • Amanda

    I have an a zoli ducts unlimited over and under 12 gauge with the duck flying engravings on it. Does anyone know what it is worth

  • Huck 5362

    I have a Monarch 50 cal. Black powder rifle ,How can I find the value of it? or can someone give me an estimate?

  • Jack

    A. Klien, Bamberg, 16g, double, black forest, late 1800s, no serial, value please or offers, fully engraved, carved antler triger guard and fore peice.

  • doc

    Winchester super x 2 / 12 ga, good cond, and Winchester 1300 12 ga. in excellent cond. can you give me an idea of their value ?

  • cwf

    I got a Winchester model 12, 12 gauge and it was its serial number shows its year is 1921 and I was wondering how much it runs for in good condition?

  • Fred

    What is the worth of a SIG-AMT with 5 20 round mags and 2 German scopes with original quick mounts

  • Jerry

    Help, I have a Tingle 45Cal black power rifle for sale. What is a fair price?