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  • Rus

    Damn… saw one of these in .50AE in a local gun shop this weekend.

    I should go back and ask if it comes with a purple floppy hat and platform shoes with fish in them, as seen here;

  • haha, did you see what they were selling it for?

  • john

    you guys are fucking fags if you saw some one with this gun you wouldn’t say shit because even with the tiger stripe it is still a .50AE

  • googly eyed kid

    dang. how much are you selling that for if nobody has bought that yet??

  • Travis

    I would say shit…then again my Judge fires .410 shotgun shells.

  • Alexander

    I would say shit, because i wouldn’t have to about their big ol Deagle, cause its gonna jam anyways.

  • TheBadHeroes

    wery qooodd …! XD perfect shoot Desert Eagle 50AE baam bam..! woohow.