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  • That yellow looks horrible! I think it’s quite stupid, might be mistaken as a toy by police or even kids who might find one that’s been left on the ground by a crim (most likely in the U.S. with so many guns floating around).

  • “left on the ground by a crim”?? Don’t believe everything you hear about the US. If a “crim” actually managed to get a hold of one of these, you better believe he’d keep track of it. If anything, a “crim” would reject this weapon, since the obnoxious color would make it a bit tougher to conceal. Almost anyone who watches TV would know that these are illegal in the US unless they’ve been heavily modded or you’re properly licensed. It would attract too much unwanted attention. Besides, cops shoot kids with toy guns, too. Sometimes.

  • GunSlut

    Actually the gun is a shade of brown but looks yellow in this photo. You’ll see a few people armed with these in the sandbox if you search for the photos online. Actually I think the B&T site links to such photos.

    The gun was originally designed by Steyr and B&T bought the icense and made some modifications to it.

    Criminals? They come in all types.

  • David

    The B&T TP-9 is actually legal in most states of the U.S. it is the semi-auto version of the MP9 also made by B&T. It comes I believe in 3 different shades, the Yellow, Black and I believe a sort of Tan/Khaki color as well is a given option. I am currently in the process of purchasing one from a local vendor here in Arizona and I did have the luck of firing a few rounds from one at the range. It is built sturdy and it seems like a very reliable self defense weapon although for the CW permit I am a bit wary of trying to conceal something that big, might as well just have a hip holster or pick something much smaller for a concealed weapon. The pro’s to the TP-9 is the immense modular flexability that it has there are two rails one on the top for a decent scope and the bottom for either a tactical flashlight or a laser. For self defense purposes I would highly suggest against a flashlight due to the fact it obviously gives a very good target for anyone who might be firing back. The front barrel of the TP-9 also has a recoil rotating barrel to reduce recoil and has pretty good accuracy as well. Overall I believe this is an excellent self defense or overall range weapon. Although the price tag can be a bit steep around 1.2k is the average price tag I think. Have fun and always remember to handle guns with care and always shoot safely.

    – Sincerely,