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  • Aedon

    Actually, mate, the item you have pictured was not called an Apache, but was used by the Apache (Ah-Pah-Shay) gangs of the Parisian underworld. The gangs take their name from news stories that noted them to be vicious in combat, comparable to American Apache warriors. The thugs took a shine to the name and adopted it, forming “war bands” that amounted to little more than street gangs.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    I don’t disagree with the facts presented about this weapon getting it’s name from Parisian gangs, but Apache is the only name I have ever known it by. I first saw one of these at the PANHANDLE PLAINS MUSEUM in Canyon Texas with my grandfather. I was six I think and thought it was the neatest gun I had ever seen. That one is still there as of two years ago.
    Many years later I not only saw one at COLLECTORS FIREARMS in Houston Texas but was actually able to hold and examine it. I concluded it would make a great pair of brass knucles. The knife was nothing to trust your life to. I think it would have broken off if stuck in someone, even when new. If memory serves me correctly it was a 6mm pinfire. In Texas we call that a mouse gun.
    Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. It was wonderful to see the beastie, and brought back memories of my grandfather. The $2,600.00 dollar price is the only reason I left the store without it. But if push came to shove I think I would leave it in my pocket and use the 1911 for self defense, even against the mouse!

  • Max

    hi i am a gun collector and this looks like a great piece for my collection and i was wondering if it is possible and where to buy one of these guns.

  • Max


  • kevin

    i’m looking to buy one of these, anyone know where i can get one?

  • My husband would wet his pants if I could get this piece, but all I have found are sold or a price tag between $2900 – $5300 Does anyone know where I can get one under $2900 even $2000 better. Thank you so much.

  • colin

    its actually really hard to find this gun. they are rare and most are either no longer existing or have been put into a museum…you really cant find one in a persons house. they are worth way more than 2,600 as of today they are worth about 4 grand. but again your best bet in finding one is to look in antique shops honestly and not only is the gun hard to come by but ammo is just as hard to come by and when you do find it is runs anywhere from 25 to 40 per round.

  • Dana

    I have one, and I’m thinking of selling it. What is the value of this ?

    • Vic

      I had mine appraised and it appraised at 1200 to fifteen, will sell for 1350.

  • amanda

    dana if you really have one you are so very lucky why would you sale it? If you do come to a reasonable price be sure to let me know!!

  • Anyone who could tell me where I could buy one? Or is someone willing to sell one to me? Please comment. And, DANA, you have one? Can I buy yours?

    • Vic

      I have 1 and i just had it appraised from a broker in Va, and i am willing to sell ,contact me at if you are interested and i will send you some pic’s of the one i have. Thank You

    • Vic

      Kathy i have one i will sell, if i dont sell in the next few week’s i am going to put in a auction in Va. with a reserve price.

  • Vic

    If any one is serious about purchasing a knuckle duster , i have one i will sell, email me for my phone number and pictures, i am located in Winchester , Ky . Thanks

    • Vic

      Sold Apache Knuckle Duster , 7/12/12

    • Mark

      I’m interested in your Apache knuckle buster. Can you send me pics and price?


  • Melodie

    Hi!! Looking for one for my hubby!! Let me know your asking price and we can talk money! Christmas is coming up fast 🙂

  • lol

    It’s not apache as the native american india tribe you dumb texan, lol. It’s from the gang les apache and is not even pronounced the same. It means ruffian in french… jesus, americans assume everything has to do with them. You’re the youngest fucking country in existence, give it a break.

  • Jeff

    I’ve got cash for one of these!