Gamo Whisper Suppressor is legal

From B.B. Pelletier:

a class three dealer examined it and said in his opinion it could not be removed and attached to a firearm with success.

Gamo has taken pains to make the outer case tapered front-to-rear, plus they have molded two huge flutes into the side of the case. They’ve also made holes in the flutes that expose the sides of the baffles, which are a soft synthetic material, to the air.

It was his opinion that the silencer would be too difficult to remove from the rifle without destroying it, and, even if it could be removed, that the baffles would blow out the sides if exposed to even the low pressure from a .22 rimfire cartridge. In other words, it wouldn’t silence a firearm for even one shot.


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  • mike hatter

    How does one remove suppressor to bore sight scope