AM15 Full Auto .22LR M16 Upper Receiver with 220 round drum!

This Is Awesome!

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AM15 full auto UPPER RECEIVER allows you to shoot slightly modified.22LR American 180 drums, in either 165 round, 220 round or 275 round capacity, on your M16 host receiver. The full auto AM15 upper receiver conversion is a BATF APPROVED OPEN BOLT .22LR rimfire caliber conversion that ejects through the AR mag well.

It uses fire control parts that are similar to Colt Light Machine Gun parts, which will be provided with the AM15 conversion. The AM15 conversion at this time will only work on registered receiver sear drilled M16 lowers. We are working on reliable solutions for owners of drop in auto sears.

Check out the videos

Hat Tip for the 2nd post in a row to Traction Control (via SaysUncle). Check out the Traction Control blog, its a good read.

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  • Thx 4 the h/t! – USCitizen

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  • Drew Smith

    I want 2 buy 1 sooo bad, what does anyone know about where 2 buy 1?!?!?!

  • wondering

    Where can I get this

  • Bob
  • Nate

    This is bad ass, all you have to do is first buy an m16 (only about $10,000 for a legal one) and this will work for you. But other than that, this is awesome.

  • Old Ford

    Won’t the drive by gang bangers just luv this one

    • Sam Suggs

      they will never get it

      • gang banger

        I’ll have it the day its for sale

    • gang banger

      We damn sure will hope you not my enemy and Sam suggs my gums come from the same place our troops get theirs lol I’ll have it the day its on the market

  • Eric Lusk

    I’m curious about the heat factor produced by such a high volume of rounds fired. How has the manufacturer designed the barrel to prevent burnout?

    I’ve fired all manner of weapons, from sub-machine guns to .50 caliber guns, and all are prone to barrel burnout from excessive firing. The rate of fire of the AM15 seems almost guaranteed to cause barrel failure over time.

    Any thoughts on this one?

  • TURNz

    Would this work on a semi-auto as well? I guess not.

  • Ann

    The AM15 conversion will only work on registered receiver sear drilled M16 lowers. It WILL NOT work with drop-in auto sears or with lightning links. THIS CONVERSION WILL NOT WORK ON ANY SEMI AUTO AR15.

  • Is there any body out there that has one and can tell me how they work jams etc. It look like you replace the orginal M16 parts with parts supplied. Are these part from the Saw?

  • Is there any body out there that has one. How do they work jams length of life on drums. Do you replace orginal M16 parts with parts supplied. Are they parts out of Saw.

  • Wen Thornton

    Barrel wear could be greatly extended by having it pretreated by the 300 below process. What a lot of firepower, wonder how it would work with bird shot……Locust swarms would be a riot…..

  • bgstrong

    Barrel heat & wear plague all machine guns and the faster they fire the greater the problem. The fact that this is a very small caliber ( .22 ) does
    indeed minimize the problem but the problem remains a fact. The military
    has utilized multi-barrels to deal with high rate, high volume guns and drives them with motors to deal with misfires. This AM15 is certainly an impressive little gun and it appears that this idea could be extended to
    work with other small calibers such as 9mm / 40cal S&W etc. etc. Quick
    change replaceable barrel inserts and a battery powered drive may prove
    interesting additions to these little wonders of technology..

  • Samer

    the Open Bolt design is what makes it not Burnout, it leave a lot of air flow.

  • A friend sent me the link and now we both want one. I don’t think it will be long before somebody produces this and offers it in the market place. I also think that this could be made slightly smaller on the bull-pup design. I think the auto is impressive but would like to see a semi-auto version produced as well. As stated, the 300 below process would go a long way to eliminate barrel problems. Personally I would like to have a 500 round capacity in semi-auto and you could stand off an army should it ever come to that.
    This would make a 12ga. obsolete for home protection but you would need a dustpan and brush to remove the intruder. I like the idea of small cal. weapons as long as you can make them an effective deterrent. After all, if someone breaks into your home, you have no idea what they’re packing.
    Looking forward to updates on this little gem!

  • Robert

    I am a Class III (FFL/SOT) In Texas. I own one of these AM-15 uppers for a M16. I have had a lot of problems with malfunctions. I have tried several different ammunition manufactures of .22lr. I have contacted the manufacturer about jamming with no real help with the issues. I feel for $1800 it should work as advertised. I am very disappointed with this product.

  • anon

    @TURNz – an m16 has the option to fire either full or semi auto… So yea, your finger would get tired though.

    • Eric Zakeem-Malik Arasaad Mote

      Not anymore. They switched to semi and 3 round burst

  • Cory Thomas

    Is this weapon in production? If so where can it be purchased and what is the price range?