Gun Buyback Program issues IOUs

Springfield, IL, has just overspent by $40,000 on their gun buyback program. Funds are to come out of community development and drug forfeiture.

Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin admitted that he had only expected the event to take in 100 guns, so they had to issue IOU cards to most of those who turned their guns in. He plans to submit an emergency ordinance to pay for the additional debit cards that they owe using funds currently earmarked for community development along with drug forfeiture money.

Only illegally owned firearms should be eligible for gun buybacks. Oh … wait … criminals are not going to give up their guns … silly me!

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Steve Johnson

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  • Now, don’t be so quick! Criminals might be interested in giving up their guns if they were used in the commission of a crime. Destruction of evidence, brought to you by Illinois!

  • hahahha 🙂 Good point! Thats why I won’t ever take up a life of crime, I just don’t have the brain of criminal mastermind.