Investing in machine guns

A very interesting article about investing in machine guns…

Randy Powell has a .50-caliber machine gun he would like to sell you -but he can’t afford to.

The monster, sitting in a cage in back of his gun store and shooting range in Lawrenceville, can cut down a tree – and could easily fetch $30,000 in a perfectly legal sale. But for Powell, the sale would be the equivalent of hawking a Picasso or vintage wine.

The gun increases in value exponentially each year.

“I bought that gun for $10,000 about 10 years ago,” he said. “I could make a lot of money if I sold it but it’s an investment more than anything. There is no wholesale market. If I want another one, I may have to pay more than that.”

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  • davethegreat

    It’s never an investment! It’s purely a personal pleasure that happens to have increased in value every year since 1986. But many of these fun toys can drop from $30,000 to $200 overnight if the right legal conditions are met. Or become entirely illegal and valueless.

    Buy ’em for fun. Don’t buy ’em for investment purposes.