Glock 21 torture test

This webpage is amazing! This guy has done the following to his glock: rusted, driven over, thrown out of a plane, dropped of a roof, buried in sand and more.

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And it still works like a Glock!

Read about it here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Aaron

    Does the frame have any cracks after doing all of that to it? Would really like to know because I was really hammering mine to get the trigger pin out and am conserned about frame weakening. (I did jiggle the slide release but it still wouldnt come out easy) I figure if yours didn’t crack or anything I have nothing to worry about…

    • Robert

      Thats no way to treat a glock. Them are fine guns.

  • Andrewg23

    Im jw but i thought that the Glocks didnt rust…? Because of the tenifer. Or is that just the slide? Ive gone swimming and tubing with mine and no rust at all… And are these torture test done from start to finish without cleaning the gun at all??

  • Will

    As a factory certified Glock Armorer, fo over twenty years, I must advise you that if you’re hammering on your Glock to disassemble it…something is seriously wrong.
    I was the Armorer for a major law enforcement agency and NEVER had to beat on one.

    You should remove all the pins from the pistols left side and reinsert from the right side. Little trick from the Advanced Armorers School.

  • chris

    I love glocks they are my type of guns