Optical gun shot locator

RAFAEL is planning on introducing an electro-optical gun shot locator that they claim is able to:
 Images New Spotlite M

initiating threat warning, detection and localization within few seconds from a gunshot, rocket or a missile being launch, well before the threat reaches its target.

A few seconds seems quite a long time, I suppose it depends on its range but in an urban environment it seems useless when mounted on vehicles or buildings.

The RPG-7 used in Iraq is typically used at 50-100m. Its extreme range is about 300m. After 4.5 seconds of flights it self detonates. I cannot see how this optical locater device will help vehicles in Iraq against RPG fire.

 Wikipedia En 8 8D Rpg-7

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  • Alcibiades McZombie

    I hear a smaller version of Close-In Weapons System can be used on RPGs. Basically, a shotgun hooked up to a small RADAR device shoots at incoming warheads.

    I’ve been wondering if I could rig up one of my own using spare WiFi equipment and an airsoft gun…