Gun Bloggers and gun enthusiasts, I need your help!

Hi Gun bloggers and gun enthusiasts,

I am trying to compile a “Global Gun Price Index” to see how the price of firearms compare in different parts of the world.

If you are able to help me or have suggestions please feel free to email me. My email address is on the top left sidebar of my blog (The Firearm Blog) or you can post a comment on the blog.

Unfortunately I only speak english. Finding the gun prices of non english speaking countries is not easy. Nor is it easy in foreign english speaking countries as I do not know the best online gun stores to get prices from.

So far I have been researching the Remington .308 700 SPS (blued). I chose the 700 SPS because I thought it would be a common gun found world wide. I would like to expand this to many other types of guns such as the Mossberg 500 shotgun, Ruger 10/22 rifle and Glock 17 pistol.

I have found prices for the Remington 700 SPS rifle in the following countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • UK

Here is a graph showing my findings for the Remington 700 SPS .308 (blued):

Picture 2

Below is a picture of the spreadsheet I have been using. I will be uploading the actual spreadsheet soon. I am busy tidying it up and may use Zoho to host it so anyone can edit it. Once I upload it I will update this page.

Picture 3

If you have catalogs, knowledge of overseas gun websites or know people in another country who can look up prices then please let me know.

I am especially interested in the following countries:

  • South Africa (an english speaking country but I could not find any prices online!)
  • EU Member States
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Middle Eastern countries

Any information I received and publish on the “Gun Price Index” will be freely available to the entire online gun community under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License so that everyone benefits.

Creative Commons License

Thanks for any help.

UPDATE: Unfortunately although many people have wished me luck none have been able to give me gun prices. If you are able to supply me gun prices from your country please contact me.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Based on your post on The Gun Blogs, you’re looking to see who “pays too much.” There’s no such thing as paying too much unless you’re advocating a centrally controlled economy and all the loss of freedom that comes with that.

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  • vinnie

    Black market makarovs in japan go for around $400

    “Even a poor-quality Tokarev used to cost 200,000-300,000 yen, yen” says another of Weekly Playboy’s gang sources. “Now you can get a really good Makarov for 50,000 yen.”

    Google says:
    50 000 Japanese yen = 435.8 U.S. dollars

    Hope that helps

  • I think you should have gone with the AK-47 for a view of prices at a Global Level.

  • Hi Cain1,

    The problem with a true AK-47 is that they are not legal for civilians to own in most western countries as they are select-fire true assault rifles.

  • Hi Vinnie,

    Thanks for that information. It very interesting.

    Unfortunately because private pistol ownership is not legal in Japan all pistols are traded on the black market. It is not really feasible to compare legal markets in various countries with black markets in another. New pistols will not be sold in Japan and comparing the price of used guns is too hard when you have limited info.

  • HardCorps

    A sale is a sale, and a market is a market no matter what subjective legal term we call it. The price includes all information regarding the valuation of the buyer and seller. It is important to include all price information legal or illegal.

  • In Iraq the cost of firearms will vary depending where you get them. The Multi National Security Transition Command is working hard on getting American arms into the hands of Police and Military. These are being assigned to individuals as well as collecting biometrics of those individuals. This is a pretty expensive process. Overall arms are pretty scarce on the open market. Up north and in some of the more remote regions a 9mm handgun can be had for about 20 to 45 USD. I wouldn’t expect it to be to shelf, but it will go bang. A proof firing is usually part of the deal. I don’t see that happening in the US. Buy not a bad idea.

  • Hi Lt Rob,

    Thanks for the comment, very interesting. I am going to quote it on the Pakistan arms market post.

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  • Dolla Jersey

    Fire Arms Agency Limited
    Kindly view our price list for new guns below and send your inquiry to firearmsagencyltd {at} yahoo dot
    Kimber Eclipse Custom II 45ACP $550USD
    Springfield 1911 LW Operator 45 ACP 45ACP $350
    Smith & Wesson 627 PC 5″ 8 Shot 357 Mag $350
    E2S M4 A1 Carbine 16in. .223 $300
    Kimber Custom II 45ACP/Night Sights $300
    Kimber Stainless Ten II 45ACP $300
    Knight Long Range Hunter 27 .52 Cal. Right-Handed Rifle $250
    Knight Long Range Hunter 27 .52 Cal. Left-Handed Rifle $250
    Remington 870 12 Ga 18″ OD Knoxx Spec Ops Stock $200
    CZ-75 Compact Black Poly 40S&W $200
    Smith & Wesson 442 Airweight 38 Spl $150
    Boxed Pair George Washington Flintlock Pistols$1200
    Dye DM7 Paintball Gun Clear Dust $700
    DYE DM7 Paintball Marker $700
    Dye DM7 Paintball Gun Red Dust $700
    A cased pair of travelling pistols $800
    CARBON 15 97 223 PISTOL $600USD
    Planet Eclipse 07 EGO Paintball Gun – Gun Metal Grey $600
    06 Bob Long Infamous intimidator $400
    Bob Long Ripper 2.5 Intimidator Blue $350
    First Endeavor Quest Paintball Marker Olive Dust $350
    Dye Matrix DMC Paintball Gun – Black $250
    NEW Olympic Arms OA-93 Pistols $350
    Colt .45 WWI Faithful Reproduction $300
    Colt .45 WWI Faithful Reproduction $300 $300
    1860 Army Revolver .44 Caliber Pistols $150
    BA-6 Laser HK USP Pistols $150
    Riffle Guns:
    1924 Wesley Richards Riffle $1200
    Marlin 30-30 $250
    Price List For Pistols
    1860 Army Revolver .44 Caliber Pistols: $150usd
    “SIG PRO 2340, 40S&W cal, VG condition.”: $180usd
    Glock 23 – $200usd
    Glock 37 – .45 GAP – NEW:$250usd
    Bersa Thunder 9MM Pistol 13 Rd : $200usd
    BushMaster Carbon 15 9MM Pistol: $350usd
    RUGER 357 MAG BL 6SHOT REVOLVER: $200usd
    GLOCK 22 40SW 15RD FS $220usd
    Ruger NR5 22LR Western Revolver :$150usd
    WALTHER PPK/S 380ACP DA 7RD SS:$230usd
    BERETTA 84FS 380 10RD BLK PG:$300usd
    Officer’s Colt Civil War Pistol with Custom Grips:$2,000.
    Colt 1911 MK IV, Series 80 Officers Model .45ACP:$300usd
    Ruger Single Six .22LR, Old Model:$150usd
    S&W K-38 Combat Masterpiece, model 15-3. .38 Special:$200usd
    Colt Detective Special .38 Special:$250usd
    Smith & Wesson 3913 Stainless, 9mm:$260usd
    SigArms P228 Nickel Slide, 9mm:$400usd

  • none

    All of the prices I have seen in South America are much higher than the US. There are really bad guns available for almost nothing but you are talking about unreliable single shot shotguns, you´d be better off with a large stick..

  • paul young

    looking to buy a used colt cobra 2 inch 38 …………anybody selling one?

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