Rifle Rack Ideas


A nice example of a rifle and bow rack from Eric300 at RimFireCentral.com. I really like a nice publicly displayed rifle rack but these days I think it is just to much of a security risk.

[UPDATE: Unfortunately some of the photos were removed]


Hat Tip: RimFireCentral.com

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  • I was dragged to bed bath and beyond, and found curtain “holdbacks” that were basically elongated hooks that could be screwed into the wall. Being in earthquake country it met the criteria of retaining the rifle through violent shaking (most rifle racks I had looked at previously were little more than stands with a shallow U shape)

    Two were $8 and they work very well for a single rifle.

  • Thanks existingthing

    I did a quick google for “curtain holdbacks” and found : http://www.tracksandpoles.com/holdback_cat.shtml

    They looks great for holding a rifle on the wall.