EAA Offers Girsan Regard MC BX

    Girsan Regard MC BX (EAA)

    EAA recently made waves with their MC P35 Hi-Power clone but it isn’t the only classic pistol design they have available. The MC BX, a Beretta 92/M9 clone is also available. The Girsan Regard MC BX is available in black and Flat Dark Earth finishes with G10 grips and threaded barrels as standard. They have an MSRP of $588.

    EAA @ TFB:

    Girsan Regard MC BX (EAA)

    Girsan Regard MC BX (EAA)

    Here’s what EAA has to say about the Girsan MC BX:

    Florida based company, European American Armory Corporation, the leading provider and importer of quality, reasonably priced firearms offers the Girsan MC BX. Available for purchase now, EAA is pleased to have this powerful pistol in their lineup.

    Girsan makes a lofty claim to have perfected the model of this pistol, but anyone that gets their hands on this firearm is quick to validate the claim. The improved Regard MC BX is made from forged aluminum, with G10 grips. The full-size Regard MC BX is reliable and highly accurate with a threaded barrel and drift adjustable rear sight. Weighing in at only 2.15 pounds, it features an 18 round magazine and a double stacked magazine design. Available in 9mm with a suppressor-ready threaded barrel, the Regard MC BX comes in your choice of a Blue/Black or Dark Earth finish.

    Chase Duffey, National Sales and Imports Manager at EAA Corp. tells us, “The Girsan Regard family is one of our best-selling products and for good reason. Girsan has taken a timeless design and mastered the topic. The fit, finish and attention to detail on these models at their very reasonable price point make them the uncontested choice in their segment. The additional enhancements on the Regard BX make this an obvious answer for shooters looking for a great gun and an even better value. ”

    Get yours today! For orders or inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call 321.639.4842. For more information or to check out the firearms online, please visit www.eaacorp.com.

    Girsan Regard MC BX (EAA)

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