New Uncle Mike’s Padded Long Gun Cases and Pistol Range Bag

    New Uncle Mike's Padded Long Gun Cases and Pistol Range Bag

    Uncle Mike’s has been in the business of making everything from holsters and slings for the average firearms consumer as well as tactical and law enforcement gear. I’ve often found that while Uncle Mike’s gear is simple, it is also reliable and inexpensive. Uncle Mike’s has just introduced two new items to their lineup – a pair of new Padded Long Gun Cases as well as a new Pistol Range Bag.

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    New Uncle Mike's Padded Long Gun Cases and Pistol Range Bag

    New Uncle Mike’s Padded Long Gun Cases and Pistol Range Bag

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – June 16, 2021 – Uncle Mike’s announces the release of new pieces of range gear, including padded long gun cases and a multipurpose sportsmen’s range bag, each designed for maximum portability and protection.

    For those frequently transporting firearms, the new Uncle Mike’s padded long gun cases are shaped to accommodate most scoped rifles or shotguns. Balanced, wraparound nylon handles make for a more comfortable carry, while a full-length zipper allows the case to open flat. Most importantly, these cases are built to protect. Each features thick padding to cushion long guns from bumps and bruises, and the smooth, snag-resistant lining means it’s easier to get the firearm in and out of the case.

    Options include black and forest green scoped rifle cases, available in sizes to fit up to 40″, 44″ or 48″ rifles. The same color options are available for shotgun cases in sizes to fit up to 48″ or 52″ shotguns. MSRP for all cases is $19.95.

    The new sportsmen’s range bag from Uncle Mike’s has been designed to be a handgunner’s best friend. Specifically designed to carry two handguns, ammunition, and other gear to and from the range, the new range bag is as capable as it is convenient. The main compartment flap opens fully and has two removable dividers as well as two included pistol rugs to keep shooters organized. A wraparound nylon carry handle and removable shoulder strap make the bag a breeze to transport, while lockable zippers provide an added layer of security. MSRP for the range bag is $30.95.

    New Uncle Mike's Padded Long Gun Cases and Pistol Range Bag

    Although simple and inexpensive, I think that Uncle Mike’s new gear has a place in certain gun collections. I personally am drawn to their inexpensive range bags for one specific reason – they’re inexpensive. I have found that as my gun collection grows and gets refined, I like to keep all my tools, magazines, and equipment for that specific gun in a single case to take to the range with me. This way everything goes back into its respective location at the range instead of having to sort through all of it at home after it becomes discombobulated after your range trip. With the range bag being only $31, I find that a small price to pay to satiate my organizational proclivities.

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