SILENCER SATURDAY #162: Bowers VERS 9S – SubGun, PCC, PDW Bliss

    SILENCER SATURDAY #162: Bowers VERS 9S - SubGun, PCC, PDW Bliss

    SILENCER SATURDAY #162: Bowers VERS 9S - SubGun, PCC, PDW Bliss

    Good day everyone and welcome back to another Silencer Saturday brought to you by our friends at Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 suppressor. Last week the YHM Turbo K went up against the Innovative Arms GRUNT mini. This week we step up to a high performing classic: the Bowers VERS 9S 9mm silencer. True fans may appreciate the VERS 9S capabilities on submachine guns and pistol caliber carbines, but it can also pull double duty on some 300BLK chambered rifles with the right configuration. Let’s take a look at this classic workhorse.

    Bowers Group @ TFB:

    Announcement: I am looking for a Knight’s Armament MK23 suppressor. If you are a dealer/distributor I will make sure you are featured in the MK23 review. For everyone else, you can either sit on James Reeves’ lap for eight seconds or I’ll consider a more traditional finders fee.

    Wanted To Buy: KAC MK23 Suppressor

    Suppressing a pistol caliber carbine with subsonic ammunition is one of life’s little guilty pleasures. Sure, a 5.56mm or 300BLK PDW is probably a better choice for dropping terrorists or violent home invaders, but since the majority of our suppressor activities are focused on the pursuit of happiness, slow moving pistol rounds in a compact and suppressed package is beyond satisfying.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #162: Bowers VERS 9S - SubGun, PCC, PDW Bliss

    Bowers VERS 9S – H&K SP5K PDW

    Almost a year ago to the day, we reviewed the GSL Phoenix, a direct descendant of the the Gemtech MK9K and I still believe it is the peak of subgun suppression. But, at two inches in diameter and being (basically) limited to a three lug attachment system, it is a bit of a one trick pony.

    The Bowers VERS 9S takes excellent suppression and packages everything into a more user friendly format that can be run on a variety of platforms. It’s not going to be the shortest or lightest silencer in the 9mm category, but it will lead the way in suppression.

    Bowers VERS 9S - H&K SP5K PDW

    Bowers VERS 9S – H&K SP5K PDW

    Critics will argue a couple points:

    The VERS 9S is not user serviceable!

    It’s true, high round count suppressors can accumulate powder and lead build up quickly. If you find yourself at the top of the tax bracket where current price per round numbers don’t slow you down, you can send your dirty VERS 9S back to Bowers for complete servicing for a small fee.

    It’s made of Aluminum!

    If your worried about cleaning techniques or chemicals, see the above bullet point regarding letting the pros handle your silencer servicing. If you are concerned with durability, this Bowers suppressor will likely outlast several host barrels before requiring a baffle stack replacement (which is free of charge, by the way).

    I want mount options!

    Don’t worry, the Bowers VERS 9S has mounting options. Direct thread, UZI or three lug mounts are all on the menu.


    Bowers VERS 9S - H&K SP5

    Bowers VERS 9S – H&K SP5

    The Bowers Group Vers 9S is a small, high efficiency 9mm subgun and carbine silencer, rated for heavy fully automatic fire in that caliber. While this silencer is suitable for 9mm, it is our best selling silencer for subsonic .30 caliber applications such as the .300 Whisper or Blackout, and will also provide excellent service with smaller rounds such as the .380 ACP.

    • WEIGHT: 15oz
    • LENGTH: 8.6″
    • DIAMETER: 1.75″
    • RATINGS: .17 HMR, .17 WSM, .22 LR, .22 MAG, .22 TCM, .380 ACP, 22 Hornet, 300 Blackout, 5.7 FN, 9 mm

    Bowers VERS 9S – Front End Cap

    *NEW OPTION* A Blackout option is now available so you can use both supersonic and subsonic .300 BLK. The Blackout option Vers 9S silencers are rated to 2200 FPS and will last a lifetime using supersonic .300 Blackout or Whisper in both semi and fully-automatic firearms.

    Bowers VERS 9S – Versadapt 1/2×28 thread insert

    • Vers 9S – $535 (with any standard insert)
    • Vers 9S – $640 (with Uzi insert)
    • Vers 9S – $665 (with 3-lug insert)
    • Blackout +$100 add to above at time of order (specify in order)
    • SIlencer Shop – Check prices/Purchase

    This silencer has our latest, most advanced subgun baffle stack and now has a matte ceramic-based finish. It is nominally 8.6” overall and 1 3⁄4” diameter. It is strong and light, weighing approximately 15 oz., (varies slightly depending on the selected insert). The Bowers Group Vers 9S features the proven AIMS™ Adapter Integrating Mount System, which comes with one Versadapt™ thread adapter of your choice. Additional inserts may be ordered separately.

    Shooting the VERS 9S

    You will have to forgive the lack of action shots in today’s episode; it’s so freaking cold that I was doing sprints back and forth to the range to shoot a string of rounds. I love winter, but this is ridiculous.

    Anyway, this Bowers can has a beautiful, deep sound when paired with the right host and ammo. All of that internal volume gives the expanding gasses plenty of time to slow and cool before leaving the VERS 9S and attempting to ruin your neighbor’s tea time. It really is impressive.

    Sure, it’s 15 ounces and almost nine inches, but if you pair the Bowers VERS 9S with one of their Griptastic silicone suppressor covers, it makes for a nice hand hold on small submachine guns.

    Side Note: 2021 is going to be the year that Silencer Saturday goes full auto. Stay tuned.

    There’s no free lunch – when it comes to signature reduction, you are going to have to pay somewhere down the line. For submachine guns and pistol caliber carbines, the Bowers VERS 9S is a winner. Even if it is on the larger/heavier side.

    Of course, there are always some unique combinations you can try. Yes, I shot the VERS 9S on the GLOCK 43. Once.

    Bowers Vers 9S – GLOCK 43

    Have a great week everyone. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.

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