HK Style Left Side Charging Handle For Kalashnikov KP-9

Doug E
by Doug E
HK style charging handle for the KP-9

Kalashnikov USA’s popular KP-9 pistol has made quite a splash in the pistol caliber carbine revival, which means that the aftermarket is starting to ramp up. While browsing Reddit, I found a product made for the KP-9 that replaces the hollow gas tube with a left-side charging handle. The “Vector 7.62 HK Style” charging handle is a drop-in replacement that allows users to operate the bolt carrier with the left hand and includes a bolt hold-open cutout for the handle.

Photo credit: Ivan Tactical

The aftermarket left side charging handle is available on Here’s what their website had to say about the drop-in side charger:

Drop in Vector 7.62 left side HK style charging handle for Vityaz, KP-9, KR-9. Makes reloading with your left hand more comfortable. Also allows to keep the bolt in open position.

  • Replaces standard “gas tube”
  • Handle is non reciprocating, stays full forward while firing
  • Made of steel and D-16T alloy
  • Weight is 211g (7.44 oz)
  • As front trunnions can differ a bit, slight filing of the tube may be required to close the latch

Redditor Eugeneden2010 allowed us to use his photos and video to show a bit more of the product while actually installed on the KP-9, so you can get a better idea of how it looks and functions.

charging handle for KP-9, left side charging handle

The last photo above shows the new charging rod extending through the trunion, holding the bolt carrier rearward.

Finally can HK slap my AK! from guns

The Vector 7.62 HK Style left side charging handle is listed for $110. There’s also a short video of it on Ivan Tactical’s Facebook page. Also, check out Kalashnikov USA’s website HERE, and Matt E’s review of the KP-9, the title of which asks if the KP-9 is “the Russian MP5?

I’ve been aware of other left-side charging handles for the AKM style platforms in the past, but generally, right-handed people have always had a love-hate relationship with using the standard charging handle while keeping their trigger hand on the gun. Do you think this is an upgrade to the Kalashnikov KP-9?

Thanks to Eugene for the use of his photos and video as well!

Doug E
Doug E

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  • Cymond Cymond on Sep 15, 2020

    I really want a 9mm AK pistol, but it's a low priority and I don't know which one I would want most (Kalashnikov USA, PSA, Romanian Draco).

    However, If I had the KP-15, I would definitely want this charging handle, too. I hope they can make versions for the other 9mm AKs.

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    • Biff Biff on Sep 16, 2020

      @Cymond I’d definitely recommend either the K-USA or PSA. The Romanian guns that take Glock mags work for a range toy but the mag adapters are pretty flimsy. I recently shot a WASR-M, which is the full sized 9mm AK and wasn’t impressed at all.

  • ChinaTactical ChinaTactical on Sep 16, 2020

    Legit! Experience the HK slap with low budget!