Armor Express NODs Garage – Store Your Night Vision In Your Helmet

    The original NODs Garage by US Palm

    Back before US Palm went out of business they made the NODs Garage. News reports that US Palm is rising back from the dead and let’s hope they’ll bring back the NODs Garage. The current one is made by Armor Express and it looks like a knock-off of the US Palm NODs Garage with a few changes. The NODs Garage allows you to store your night observation device in the garage and the garage was designed to stow in the empty cavity of your helmet.


    Efficient Use Of Wasted Space

    Night observation devices are rather expensive and fragile. So you want to protect your investment when you are traveling. Just like expensive camera equipment, some people use Pelican cases to protect their NODs. Well, when you are traveling to the range or on assignment your helmet is sitting there and you are not using the space inside the helmet. Sure you could throw your NODs into a small bag and shove that into the helmet but it is not the same level of protection and nothing keeps the bag inside the helmet.

    Before I learned about and bought the NODs Garage, I was using a Cloud Defensive Ammo Transport Bag (ATB). The ATB was designed to store 600 rounds of 9mm or 300 rounds of 5.56. It is padded and I actually got it to carry my night vision in my backpack or range bag. But it takes up extra space. You can see how much smaller the NODs Garage is compared. In fact, the NODs Garage can fit inside the ATB.

    The original pouch from US Palm had a simple strap across the top but Armor Express upgraded it with a Hypalon strap. You can run your helmet’s chin strap under this web and it prevents the NODs Garage from falling out.

    The NODs garage is big enough to store dual tube goggles like my ANVIS9 and my friend’s DTNVGs.

    Just like the original US Palm version, there is a velcro divider for keeping smaller parts separated.

    At the bottom of the pouch are two small pockets. Which are perfect for storing spare batteries for your night vision.

    For those with PVS-14s, you can store the mount in the NODs garage as well.

    The NODs Garage is a bit pricey at $80.85. And the only place I could find it for sale was On Duty Gear’s website. It took three weeks before they shipped out my order but it finally arrived. Since the US Palm NODs Garage is discontinued, Armor Express is the only place still making them. If you want a purpose built pouch for storing your night vision then you should get one.

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