Crowdfunding Project: Fulcrum Knives “Eclipse” Morphing EDC Knife

    Today we are taking a look at an interesting crowdfunding project hosted on It is started by Fulcrum Knives to fund the manufacturing of a coin-shaped morphing EDC knife called Eclipse. In a matter of seconds, this gadget converts from a circle of 1.8″ diameter into a handy little knife.

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    This little gadget will occupy minimal space in your pocket yet providing a .7″ blade made of 440C stainless steel. The processes of deploying the blade and folding it back are one-handed operations. Here is an animated image showing how it transforms into a knife.

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    The Fulcrum Knives Eclipse has a G10-made grip. It has a finger notch built into the blade that allows to better secure the knife in your hand. Additionally, if you have keys or a lanyard attached to it, you can use them as improvised grip extensions.

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    Below you can find the description of the locking mechanism and blade design quoted from the crowdfunding campaign’s page.

    Locking System

    Eclipse features a button lock, frame lock style, design that snaps securely into place when the blade is opened and closed so the blade wont come open in your pocket on accident. It doesn’t need the lock when open as your fingers provide enough lock force, however it is there for extra security. The blade closes in a direction away from your fingers so it is, in fact, more safe than a typical folding knife.

    Wharncliffe Blade

    Eclipse has a great blade! Its a Wharncliffe style blade which many say is the most utilitarian, “get stuff done”, blade. It features a cleaver like flat edge for slicing and chopping. The blade is tall which adds durability and allows for prying and other tough tasks. The tip is actually very pointy still which lets it pierce through cardboard and tape when needed to do fine, detailed slicing maneuvers. The best part, however, is that due to the blade’s height we were able to add a very shallow chisel grind which makes this knife buttery smooth when slicing!

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    Initially, the Eclipse was available in silver and black color options only, however, later, after reaching the initial funding goal, the company introduced several stretch goals which were also successfully reached and added multiple color options for the Eclipse knife. As a matter of fact, it has 5 additional color options now.

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    The initial funding goal of this campaign was $20,000. Currently, the total sum pledged to this project is almost ten times the first goal – about $195,000. There are multiple pledging options available from $29 to $448. The estimated start of shipping is mid-October 2018.

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