[SHOT 2018] Keith Garcia Joins Team Breda And Shows Off The Breda B12i 3Gun Shotgun

    Keith Garcia is a phenomenal 3Gun competitor. My friend Brian M. mentioned that Keith Garcia has lighting fast hands when it comes to 3Gun. “He can reload a tube fed shotgun probably faster than I can reload my Vepr12” and Brian is no slouch in 3Gun.  Just to give you an idea here is a video from Keith Garcia’s instagram page.


    Keith recently joins Team Breda and he has a video where he tied his raced out Benelli M2 time with a bone stock Breda B12i. Six plates at 12 yards starting from low ready he cleans the plate in 1.32 secs


    The B12i is setup from factory to be a race ready shotgun. It features oversized controls like the charging handle and bolt release.

    The most interesting feature is the oversized loading port. See the large cut out section on the left side of the receiver? That allows for strong hand quad loading. Unfortunately it is not setup for weak hand loading.


    Here Keith demonstrates the quad load.

    The handguard on the B12i is actually longer than the Benelli M2 and it is indexed into the receiver. This locks the handguard and prevents it from shifting.

    RCI has been offering custom loading port customization for 3Gun shooters and Breda will honor their warranty if you have your Breda Shotgun worked on by RCI. The shotgun below is the race shotgun of Josh Tarrant.


    Josh Tarrant added a big dome safety to aid in getting his shotgun up and ready faster.

    According to Keith, Beretta and Breda co-owned Benelli and so the B12i has the same inertia drive system as the Benelli M2.  The barrel is made from a solid bar of steel and drilled out at the factory. It does not have the comfortech system like the Benelli but recoils less than the Benelli.

    The B12i ships with 5 chokes and all you need to add is a spreader or diffuser choke for 3Gun.

    The Breda B12i retails for $1299 and all you need to do is add a tube extension. Any Benelli pattern mag tube extension will work for the B12i.

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