Sixty-round magazine from Schmeisser Germany

    Schmeisser Germany have developed a 60-round magazine for the AR15.

    Yes, it does resemble the Surefire 60-rounder except this one is made out of polymer.

    The only source for the Schmeisser magazine I can find is ZIB in Germany. Bad news is they don’t have it, they’re waiting for delivery. Remember this is


    Polymer stick magazine .223 with 60 round.

    Quality made by Schmeisser Germany.

    New on market – so far high capacity stick magazines for AR15 where available only on US market for a high price.

    Right now on red light, not available – but very soon. We are registered with 250pcs from Schmeisser’s first batch. As soon as we have a delivery date confirmed light goes on green.



    The price is advertised at 89.90 EUR or about 110 USD. 

    The Magpul PMAG 30 (Windowless) is around 15 USD (list), so that’s about 7 PMAGs or 210 rounds.

    The Surefire MAG5-60 is 149 USD (list) or 10 PMAGs.

    The Magpul D60 is 130 USD (list) or about 8,7 PMAGs.

    As you can notice I’m trying to introduce a PMAG index, like the Big Mac index, and the Schmeisser seems to do well for a high capacity magazine.


    However, outside of the USA the pricing on certain magazines are far, very far, from list. Don’t ask what I paid for my Magpul D60.


    I would say that the timing might be bad for Schmeisser, with the EU Gun Directive (EU Gun or Magazine Ban) around the corner. In about a year all EU countries should have adopted the new EU legislation into National laws, and as it looks 10 rounders might be the maximum unless you get an exception.

    Funny enough, if you don’t hold a firearms license you can own a magazine with more than 10 rounds. Yeah, it really is that stupid last time I looked.

    Anyway, here are some photos of the Schmeisser “scyscraper”.





    Top view of the magazine.

    Looks like a 2 on 2 then a 4 on 4 stack design. I hope that makes sense. Looks like Darth Vader is hiding behind.

    There’s also a video of the magazine at IWA Outdoor 2017. All in German.

    You can find Schmeisser’s homepage here:

    I found no trace of the magazine there, but there’s other stuff of interest.

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