Hackett Equipment Now Shipping Mini Range Bags

    Hackett Equipment Mini

    Hackett Equipment is now selling and shipping the Mini. The Mini is a smaller version of the company’s original range bag that I talked about in a previous article (here.) In addition to simply being a smaller carry system, the new Hackett Equipment Mini also has some other differences.

    Instead of being a backpack style range bag, the new Mini is in a sling bag configuration. Personally, I love backpacks for hauling a lot of equipment, but I’ve found sling bags are┬ávery handy for transporting medium to light loads. For example, my Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger is my go to bag for carrying on a plane or taking a light load around town. So, I like the idea of the Mini being a sling bag.

    Hackett Equipment Mini

    The Hackett Mini has an internal configuration similar to the original bag. For example, it has two built in universal type holsters for transporting handguns. Also, it has elastic bands that store up to eight magazines. There are also eight interior pockets for storing boxes of ammunition.

    Unlike the original bag, the Mini has PALS type webbing on the front of the bag to allow for the addition of an additional pouch or two. This would work well for having an IFAK handy at the range.

    Hackett Equipment Mini

    The suggested retail price on the Mini is $89.99. However, at the time of this writing, it looks like the price is at $69.99. I have no idea of how long it will stay at the cheaper price, so get in sooner rather than later if you want one. My original Hackett Equipment Range Bag has been in solid use for about a year now, and it looks great. Assuming that the Mini is built to the same quality standards, this should be a durable bag that will last a long, long time.

    Richard Johnson

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