Top Secret WWII Machine Guns: The Norm and Welgun

    Eric Norman was one of the small arms designers at Special Operations Executive Station IX during the Second World War. The Norm Gun and Welgun were two of his designs that although never reached serial production, are interesting in their own right day, if anything due to their simplicity of mechanics and operation. Essentially both of these submachine guns almost slam fired rounds by way of a protruding pin that allowed the firing pin to push forward from the bolt only when that bolt face was fully pressed up against the chamber.

    The same operating system was utilized with the Welgun, which was really a modification of the Norm Gun with a folding buttstock, an included safety, and a cover above the chamber and magazine that at least provided some protection against the elements.

    Although the Welgun probably fared a much better chance at being adopted or at least put into production, both of these submachine guns never pushed past the trials stage in their development, being consigned to history.

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