Ruger LCR in .327 Federal Magnum

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Ruger LCR in 327 Magnum

Ruger is now selling the LCR in a new caliber: .327 Federal Magnum. The new versions of the compact revolver are very similar to the original gun, with the biggest change – other than the caliber itself – being the cylinder holds 6 rounds instead of 5.

The .327 Federal Magnum was introduced at the 2008 SHOT Show through the joint effort of Ruger and Federal. At that time, the LCR had not been introduced and Ruger offered the cartridge in its SP101 revolver for a concealed carry gun.

The .327 Magnum is significantly more powerful than the .32 H&R Magnum. Proponents of the cartridge suggest that it offers more power than the .38 Special, less recoil than the .357 Magnum and more capacity than either. There are several self-defense loads on the market for the caliber, including the Speer Gold Dot (100 grain @ 1500 fps from a 4″ barrel) and the Double Tap TACXP (75 grain Barnes all copper HP @ 1550 fps from a 3″ SP101.)

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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