Instro Precision MEERKAT LFA (Lightweight Fine Adjust)

    British firm Instro Precision have introduced a new military tripod called the MEERKAT LFA (Lightweight Fine Adjust). It is designed to accommodate a number of different sensor payloads as well as spotting scopes. It has coarse adjustment, like a regular tripod, which can then be locked and then precise fine adjustments can be made.


    It weighs 890 grams and can support optical sighting system of more than five kilograms. In the high position it measures 709 mm and 167 mm in low position. In its transport position, the overall size of 103x106x500 mm.

    According to Lionel, who sent us the photos, there was a lot of interest in the product from militaries around the world.

    As for the price? You need to call the company to find out (or in other words, if you need to ask you cannot afford it).

    Steve Johnson

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