Syrian Government Booby Trapping Ammunition

    CJ Chivers reports that the Syrian government has been distributing explosive rigged ammunition to rebel fighters

    “When they do this, you will lose both the man and the rifle,” said Ghadir Hammoush, the commander of a fighting group in Idlib Province who said he knew of five instances in which rifles had exploded from booby-trapped ammunition.

    In many cases in Syria, the spiked ammunition found its intended target: fighters seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. The wounding of Muhammad Saleh Hajji Musa, 36, in the highlands of Jebel al-Zawiya, provided an example.

    Mr. Musa was part of a group that had surrounded a government checkpoint late this spring and was pressing its attack. As he fired his rifle, he said, there was an explosion between his hands. It knocked him over.

    “I thought a shell had landed on me,” he said. Mr. Musa’s face was badly cut, and his right hand was mangled. He spent months convalescing, but he is now fighting again. His hand remains twisted and scarred.

    By the sound of it the Syrian government has not been subtle enough. If done correctly the enemy should attribute catastrophic failures to random faulty ammunition or faulty guns, not booby traps.

    [ Many thanks to Jeff for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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