M1903 Springfield KABOOM

    Different gun, same story. The owner of this gun was shooting “factory reloads” (remanufactured ammunition) and did not stop shooting to clear a squib.

    Kappy at WeaponsCache.com wrote

    This happened at my range a few weeks ago. The owner of a Springfield 1903 was shooting some of the nastiest looking factory reloads I’ve ever seen. I looked at the bag of bullets (never a good sign) and saw old military spam, corroded ammo, etc. all mixed up.

    People were picking up pieces of the stock, mostly splinters, from all over the shoot house. Fortunately for those around him, we have baffles to separate shooters for just this eventuality. The shooter received superficial injuries to his hands. A few stitches sufficed.

    He was expected to be a bit gunshy, but was back out this past Saturday.

    Apparently he had a squib which parked itself a round 10″ down the barrel. Instead of checking, he racked another one, pulled the trigger, and suffered the consequences. I’m glad he’s OK, though. Split that beautiful barrel like a banana peel, though.

    By all means, save as much money on ammunition as possible. Buy cheap military surplus, buy in bulk, but don’t buy bags of loose “factory reloaded” ammunition from shady vendors at gun shows.

    [ Many thanks to Matt for the tip. ]

    Steve Johnson

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