Bizarre Hunting Gun Rules of the Hoosier State

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Caleb discusses the bizarre and seemingly arbitrary rules which regulate what firearms can and cannot be used to hunt deer in Indiana:

The list of approved Indiana deer hunting equipment can be found here if you’d like to read the whole list. The short summary is “.357 Magnum and up in rifles, but no rifle calibers, and .243 and up in pistols, plus slug barreled shotguns”. It’s weird and nonsensical, but it’s the law for better or for worse.

Tam, who never fails to make me smile, weighs in on the issue (emphasis mine):

No scoped .30-’06s, no old Winchester “thutty-thutties”, not so much as a single shot Thompson/Center rifle if it’s chambered in an honest-to-O’Connor bottlenecked rifle cartridge suitable for Bambi zapping.

You know where this leads? This leads to crazed young men taking measurements of exotic AR-15 cartridges and thinking strange thoughts, that’s where it leads.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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