Shooting Accessories

1791 Gunleather Brings Vintage WW2 Holster Back To Market

1791 Gunleather has introduced two new holsters comprising the Military Classic series. Both models are leather and revivals of classic US military designs. If you have either a 1911 or Hi-Power clone (or would like to) keep reading to check them out.

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HUXWRX Releases Kaibosh Blast Deflector

HUXWRX has a new blast deflector compatible with their muzzle devices. The Kaibosh redirects sound away from the shooter but does not act as a suppressor. This device is mounted on standard HUXWRX muzzle devices so it can fit easily on any gun with the appropriate flash hider or brake,

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Keep Your Match On Track With The MDT Crush It Stage Timer

MDT has a new, innovative product to help track time during shooting competitions. The Crush It stage timer is customizable and mounts to standard rails. Let’s take a look at all of its features.

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