The NEW $215 YC380 from Hi-Point Firearms

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Luke ( @BallisticAviation ) is at GunCon 2024 with Dave  @HipointfirearmsHP  to talk about the 9mm Yeet Cannon's new-ish little brother - the YC380. The YC380 is the new modernized variant of the classic Hi-Point CF380 pistol. While the silver stripe on the side of the slide is a good callback to the original pistol, the new YC380 has new magazines, optics-ready capability, interchangeable backstraps, a dust cover Picatinny rail, a threaded barrel, and of course replaceable Glock compatible sights. GunCon 2024 is graciously hosted by  @brownells  and  @TheGunCollective .

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Luke C.
Luke C.

Reloader SCSA Competitor Certified Pilot Currently able to pass himself off as the second cousin twice removed of Joe Flanigan. Instagram:

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  • Vladvladson2 Vladvladson2 on Jul 03, 2024

    Just buy an EC9 from Ruger at that price.

    • Beju Beju on Jul 04, 2024

      Actual transaction prices on these average about $40 less than the EC9S.

      That being said, in this era of fast food workers making $15+/hr, I agree that one should buy the Ruger instead.

  • Evan Evan on Jul 03, 2024

    You can call it whatever stupid internet meme name you want, throw all the bells and whistles and threaded barrels and whatnot on it, but at the end of the day, you're gilding the turd. It's still a Hi-Point, and that means it's still garbage.

    Also, I seriously don't get the threaded barrel. The Venn diagram of "people who buy silencers" and "people who buy Hi-Points" has very little overlap.

    • See 2 previous
    • Niki lauda Niki lauda on Jul 04, 2024

      Not all "professional users" are government sponsored. Some of them are independent contractors who likes their equipment to be low cost and disposable.