Is Your X300U-A Too Loose? Here Is How To Fix It

Notice there are two cross sections that also came with the light marked P and U. P again stands for Picatinny and U stands for Universal. I chose the universal and it worked well for my Glock 19 lower. Add the crossbar as shown and press the mount into place.

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Review: Glock 17 – Osprey 45 Or Weapon Light But Not Both

I recently picked up my Osprey45 on Pi Day, 3/14/17. Strangely enough it is the same day I picked up my SpectreII suppressor from the same FFL back on 3/14/15.

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POTD: SureFire X300 In Rogue One

Jiang Wen portrays Baze Malbus in the new Star Wars movie: Rogue One. A SureFire X300 was spotted on his prop weapon. It is just as bad as the ATI stock that was on Captain Phasma’s gun in Force Awakens. At least the SureFire X300 is small and you probably won’t notice it as much as an AR stock on a Stormtrooper Blaster.

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