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POTD: Samopal USA - Sturmgewehr and vz. 58 Czech Small Arms Brownells-Exclusive Classic Vz. 58 Rifle CSA Backup Rear Sight Mounted on Vz. 58 Stock Adapter (1)

Taking a Closer Look at the Cycle: Firing (Operating Systems 201)

In the first post of the 101 level series on firearms operating systems, we briefly described what the word cycle means in terms of the operation of automatic firearms. However, there’s a lot more to the cycle of an automatic firearm than just the completion of [Read More…]

Meet the “Black Rifle”: An Introduction to the AR-15

It’s no good to discuss how firearms work without also giving the context surrounding the firearms themselves. With that said, let’s talk about the AR-15, its copycats, competitors, and relatives. Together these rifles share space under the loose umbrella [Read More…]