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GrovTec Introduces Its New Gen 3 Sabre Tactical Sling Introducing the New Blue Alpha Padded Rifle Sling The Link is a brainchild rifle sling between ANR Design LLC and Cole-Tac. The Link Sling is a 1″ webbing design rifle sling, stitched with Mil-Spec bonded Nylon thread. Mounted on the rifle, the forward section of the Link rifle sling has a 40″ length of pull, fully extended. The rear adjustment of the Link rifle sling has a 30″ total length of pull. Depending on the operator’s size, the length of pull easily allows plenty of slack to transfer the weapon system to the opposite shoulder of even the largest of end-users. The Link rifle sling is Berry Compliant and constructed of 100% US materials, assembled in New Hampshire and South Dakota at Cole-Tac facilities. The All-New Apex Slick Sling from High Speed Gear Blue Force Gear SMG Sling. All Images via Blue Force Gear Apex Sling Klik Belts and Black Collar Arms Introduce the Klick Modular Sling Tac Shield Introduces a New 2-Point Padded Sling How to Spot a Counterfeit Blue Force Gear Sling - CAVEAT EMPTOR! Swinger T10 Sling System from Tech Ten Tactical S2 Delta Fast Adjustment Sling