Henry Side Loading Gate – Cowboy Carbine

Check out the all new Henry Side Loading Gate Cowboy Carbine! Today Joel reviews and shoots the 30-30 and 38-55. Take a look at all the features and specifications. It was a ton of fun to shoot a gun that has such a rich and interesting history, and now a loading gate!

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TFBTV Steyr AUG M3 FULL REVIEW: Irrelevant or Impressive?

In this video, James performs a full review of the updated Steyr AUG M3 A1. For the sake of reminiscing, here’s Alex C.’s description of this fine combat rifle:

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TFB Review: ZORE-X Caliber Specific Gun Locks

If you own firearms, one necessity everyone needs is a gun lock. Whether you own a gun safe, small rope locks for the action of your firearm or you have been so ambitious as to create a safe room, all gun owners need a means and a way to safely lock and store their firearms. That is where ZORE-X Gun Locks come into play.

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TFB Review: Trijicon Variable Combat Optic Gunsight

This is a guest post by Richard L., who is reviewing his personal VCOG. It is also Richard L.’s first guest post on TFB. We’ve reported on the VCOG when it first hit the market in 2013, and then again with an in-depth look at SHOT 2014

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TFB Review: M&P Compact 2.0

Among the various Glock and Springfield Armory models on the market, Smith & Wesson’s Military & Police line has certainly become a close contender for one of the most popular semi-automatic handguns in the United States, both among civilian and Law Enforcement markets. It didn’t used to always be this way though. Smith & Wesson went through a long process of trial and error when it comes to introducing a reliable and likable polymer framed, striker-fired handgun to the market. Models such as the Sigma and Bodyguard come to mind in this regard. However, today we have the modern M&P line, and most recently the 2.0 revision. This review will focus on the M&P Compact 2.0 that was recently released this year. For readers that want a much better visual or video view of the handgun, James has an excellent overview of the Compact 2.0 on TFB’s Youtube channel.

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Glock 17 Gen5 Mini-Torture Test (Featuring the NEW SoRePiE Test)

In this episode of TFBTV, James introduces you to a new method of torture testing – the “Somewhat Realistic Pistol Evaluation”, a.k.a. the SoRePiE. In this episode, James submits the 5th Generation Glock 17 to the different stages of the evaluation, including:

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TFB Review: The Neomag Improved

Our own Nathan S. gave the Neomag discreet magazine carrier a very throrough review back in June of 2015. The point of the carrier is to give an everyday concealed carry user the ability to have an extra magazine in their pocket, but in a very minimalistic manner, literally only using a magazine retainer made from rare earth magnets. To help keep the magazine in place, the retainer has wings on the sides to keep the magazine from slipping off, in addition to a rare earth magnet that actually retains the magazine to a certain degree. It isn’t an active retention system such as a velcro strapped cover, but it does a good job of holding the magazine in place and not have it slip off and bounce around in a pocket. At the same time the Neomag uses a clip to keep it secured to the outside of the pocket, but the point of this clip is made to appear like a folding knife clipped into the pocket and not a loaded magazine. Neomag does this by designing the “wings” so that the magazine itself is actually seated very low in the pocket and isn’t protruding at the top.

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The Extra Medium Millet DMS-1

I shot a two gun match the other day and it occurred to me that, as impressive as the ranging features on certain sights are, they may not be all that practical. Don’t get me wrong, I like my ACSS reticle and long range shooting is fun, but the longest shot in that match was 130 yards. If you shoot a 5.56mm rifle with a 50 yard zero, you don’t really have to start thinking about come ups until the target gets past 250 yards. And as a civilian, you are unlikely to have to use your rifle at anything approaching that distance. You may not have a duty to retreat in your state, but no matter where you are, if you shoot someone you do need to articulate a reason that you felt a credible threat. Imagine trying to explain to your own attorney why you felt that you had to shoot a man 200 yards away. Even in a sweaty Arfcom dream of civil disorder, with football pad and tire armor wearing visigoths roaming the scorched landscape, odds are pretty good that if you’re engaged by someone at a couple hundred yards, it’s probably safer just to run away. That said, shooting stuff is fun, and a 1-4x variable scope is a versatile tool.

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G22 Sig Sauer .40 S&W 180 gr V Crown gel test and review

Last week, Sig .40 S&W 180 gr V-Crown didn’t do very well from a short barrel. This week we shoot it through a Glock Model 22 into ClearBallistics gel to assess velocity, penetration, expansion, and weight retention. Performance is still mixed, even with the longer barrel.

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HSM 9mm 124 gr XTP gel test and review

Buy it at Ventura Munitions: https://www.venturamunitions.com/hsm-9mm-124gr-xtp-subsonic-ammo-50-rounds/

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TFB Review: Talon Adhesive Grips for M&P, Glock and many others!

Talon Grips is a Colorado-based company that specializes in specialty grip tape for not just handguns but a number of firearms accessories. This list includes specially shaped grip tape for the Steyer AUG, various AR15 parts, among numerous other rifles and parts. Earlier this year I purchased a set of Talon grips for my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in 9x19mm at a local shop in Indiana. The web price is set at $17.99 on the companies website, I think I got it for a little more in the shop. Specifically, the set I purchased was their Granulate texture version. Just a disclaimer, but the grip tape stripe on the slide of the Shield is not included in the Talon Grips purchase.

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Speer .45 Auto 230 gr Gold Dot gel test and review

Take a look at our test of Speer’s .45 Auto 230 Gold Dot. The Gold Dot is not technically a bonded bullet, but rather a plated one. Nevertheless, it tends to perform like bonded bullets and the plated construction is essentially the same as a bonded bullet in that core and “jacket” are chemically bonded to each other, resulting in high weight retention. This bullet lives up to its reputation as one of the very best defense loads by expanding well and penetrating perfectly in both bare gel and when fired through heavy clothing. The moderate velocity of approximately 830 fps proved adequate to initiate expansion and the bullet was able to perform properly even when fired through four layers of denim. The IWBA standard of four layers of denim is a more difficult protocol to pass than the more realistic FBI heavy clothing standard. The IWBA heavy clothing test is not intended to simulate real world clothing, but rather to present a worst case scenario of many, closely packed, dense fibers which can clog the cavity of some hollow point ammunition, preventing expansion. Having performed well even in this worst case scenario, the Gold Dot proves to be an outstanding choice for personal defense and the more rounded nose tends to feed better in unmodified 1911A1 pistols than some other hollow point designs. Not only was the bullet able to expand adequately in adverse conditions, it was also able to penetrate to an appropriate depth. The variation in penetration depth was also extremely consistent, with only a small difference between bare gel and heavy clothing. Retained weight was also 100% for every bullet and expansion measurements varied little from bullet to bullet. This highly consistent performance indicates excellent quality and speaks to superior performance across a range of other conditions not evaluated in this test.
Avg velocity: 834 fps
Avg penetration: 14.6″
Avg retained weight: 229.6 gr
Avg max expansion: 0.695″
Avg min expansion: 0.601″

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Review: Alamo Precision Rifles & The L.R.M.F.

To me, the weapons are fun, but anyone can build a weapon well once. It takes good people who know what they are doing to build all the weapons well. If anything, I’m personally fascinated by the stories of how and why people get into the business – it’s those people’s passion that will drive companies forward. As such, it was my pleasure to meet the people behind Alamo Precision Rifles and shoot their rifles – for they are passionate people.

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Review: Glock 43 (G43) 9mm – Mousegun "Perfection"?

Is it too much to ask from a mouse gun to be at least 9mm, reliable, and shootable? Based on various other offerings on the market, it could be argued that the combination of the three was a tall order. Various weapons in .380 were good, but 9mm was a beast that the form factor had a hard time dealing with.

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Review: Grand Power P40 – Slovakian DA/SA Full Ambi Rotating Barrel Plastic Fantastic

I’m a long term loyal customer for proven platforms. As many of our readers know, I have shot Glock’s for years. The Austrian wonder pistols are a fine example of what can be done with rampant simplification, but they are not the be all and end all of handguns. In fact, some of the weaknesses of the platform have kept me on the lookout for the next best thing.

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