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Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise Canada Bans Some Guns, Rocket Launchers and Mortars Too

POTD: Jägerbattalion

Photo Of The Day – We visit the Austrian Jägerbattalion in their training area in the Seetaler Alps. We see a shell from a mortar, just as it exits the muzzle. We also get a good look at the Steyr AUG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr, which translates into universal army [Read More…]

Are We Gearing Up to Lose the Next War? Overmatch, Part 2: Bullets & Backbreakers

In the rush to augment the infantry’s firepower with new advanced small arms technologies, we may be on the precipice of crippling their ability to fight wars. The push to equip the infantryman with more powerful rifles and machine guns risks reducing his mobility [Read More…]

10 POUND 60mm Ultra Light Mortar Adopted by Polish Special Forces Group

The Polish Special Forces support unit Jednostka Wojskowa Nil has ordered a batch of 27 60mm vz. 99 Antos ultralight mortars, following up a previous order earlier this year. MilMag has an excellent article detailing this acquisition and the features of the [Read More…]