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AK With Side Folding Wooden Stock (main) Guest Post Mikhail Kalashnikov's First Light Machine Gun (660) Venezuelan paratroopers with AK-103s Improvements and New Features of AK-12 and AK-15 Rifles (1) Thread Adapter PL-15

Breaking news: Kalashnikov presents new assault rifle prototype – AK-308

Today, Kalashnikov Group (Russia) presented new assault rifle prototype called AK-308 at the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2018” According to the press release: “Weapon is based on AK-103 with certain design features taken from AK-12 and is [Read More…]

Jim Fuller Talks Rifle Dynamics Beginnings, State of the AK Industry and New Products for 2018

Since Jim Fuller founded Rifle Dynamics more than a decade ago, the company has risen to an extremely high standard of craftsmanship within the AK industry in the United States. Jim talks about the story of the company, starting with his very first introduction to the weapon system as an electrician [Read More…]

Iron Claw Tactical tAnK 47 Rifle (7) LAV with the AM-17 Venezuelan paratroopers with AK-103s